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Bangkok political situation

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keggek Tue 03-Dec-13 18:15:39

Is anyone in Bangkok or recently returned? Just wondering what impact the current political protests are having on the city. Foreign Office don't seem to have much info and aren't recommending against travel, but wondered whether anyone had first-hand experience of what's going on.
We're travelling in January with a toddler, so don't want to take any unecessary risks.
Thanks in advance.

hifi Thu 12-Dec-13 01:09:21

I have been going to Thailand for the past 23 years almost
Every year. There is either a coo or civil unrest every
Time I go. The tourist areas are mainly unaffected. I was in Bangkok after the tsunami , the hotel called to ask my blood group, I'm a common one so no use at that time.
I wouldn't worry too much , the Thai people are very money
Focused,I doubt you will encounter any personal disruption.

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