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St Lucia - anyone been ?

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arfur Thu 13-Jul-06 22:31:51

Trying to book up for next easter and travel agent came up with availibility in almond morgan bay - looks lovely (of course) in the brochure but wondered if anyone could advise of personal experience of the island and/or hotel. Me and dh, dd (7) and ds (5) travelling btw. TIA.

harpsichordcarrier Fri 14-Jul-06 06:44:00

the island is lovely, though we didn't stay at that hotel. we went quite a few years ago mind you.the island is very green and lush, and very relaxed. it is also (ime) not quite as "divided" as some of the other Caribbean islands - less need forhigh fences and security, which I always found a bit uncomfortable elsewhere (i.e. staying in the height of luxury in the middle of poverty)

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 16-Jul-06 10:45:32 have some reviews of this hotel together with photos taken by visitors who stayed there. There is a photo of the kids club.

RuthT Sun 16-Jul-06 18:55:58

I have stayed in the Club Le Sport which was great, and walked around the local town and area. Never had any problems. Agree re trip advisor site - always handy to check

SamaraG Tue 19-Sep-06 14:06:08

there is a recommendation for the Windjammer Resort on the site but ask them to help you too as it's free info!

Holidaymum Tue 19-Sep-06 14:11:00

The hotel is new well a refurbished partly rebuilt old one, but Almond resorts are very good. Stayed in one of the Barbados ones. Facilities for kids are excellent and as the hotel is quite new you should be able to get a good price.

Be wary of trip advisor! You get a load of moaning minnies on there who would complain about anything for the sake of it. I get to visit some of the most wonderful hotels and am always surprised to read the negative comments on some of the places I have considered to be paradise and I'm a fussy bugger too! Granted some reviews are ok but read between the lines.

MarsLady Tue 19-Sep-06 14:13:49

St Lucia is GORGEOUS!

Went in March.... lovely lovely lovely!

Make sure you are on the side of the Caribbean sea though. The Atlantic side can be quite choppy and even if you don't feel it, you will get burnt.

I stayed in Rodney Bay. I ate most of my meals on the beach. Glorious!

Cricket world cup next year and the British team is based on St Lucia (sadly) so lots of new hotels popping up on that tiny gem of an island. I only pray they don't spoil it!

Bumblelion Tue 19-Sep-06 14:18:20

Went to Hotel La Toc in 1990 before I got married. It was lovely but not as "free and easy going" as say Barbados. In Barbados we got the "reggae bus" into town but when we went out to eat in St. Lucia we had to get a taxi to the restaurant and back. I felt that outside the hotel grounds that we didn't feel as safe.

cod Tue 19-Sep-06 14:18:53

Message withdrawn

SamaraG Tue 19-Sep-06 14:22:53

What's wrong with recommending a service that's a great idea and costs absolutely nothing and is based on personal recommendation which is what we are all looking for? Don't knock it until you've tried it.

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