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BA Avios, can't spend them

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Eastwickwitch Wed 06-Nov-13 12:06:50

We've got loads; BA flights, Tesco club card, Amex but there never seems to be any availability in the school holidays.
I feel ripped off.

intheenddotcom Mon 14-Apr-14 23:24:59

Are you trying for long-haul - if so there is very little availability, ditto with popular destinations like Spain.

Best use is upgrading a Y ticket to a higher class but be careful you don't get a discounted Y ticket as they cannot be upgraded with points.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 14-Apr-14 23:31:49

Yep, you have to be poised when the seats open up and again for the return journey for longhaul in the holidays. If you don't get the return you can cancel the outgoing for not much £ loss ( or prepare to check all options eg out to New York, back from Washington, book cheap internal flight)

If you can fly on two different flights and be on under two different logins, you will have more chance (two seats easier to find than four)

Have you tried Moscow? Or similar less popular destinations?

OwlMother Wed 16-Apr-14 18:06:03

We've booked 5 on a return flight to Zurich in the school holidays. We have to fly out on a Friday but the price of an airport hotel is a small price to pay when set against the savings.

PiratePanda Sat 19-Apr-14 21:12:26

We feel your pain; DH has built up more than half a million, they're so difficult to spend.

I recommend using them

A) to upgrade to business, and
B) for hotels - you can put the entire price of many hotels on Avios.

superbagpuss Sat 19-Apr-14 21:26:29

avois are rubbish

we have bought Lego Land tickets and London eye tickets instead other they would have been wasted

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