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Last minute Christmas Hol

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MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Sun 03-Nov-13 19:34:01

Wondering if anyone can suggest a location/company - me & dd have had a rough couple of months, and I'd like to get away with her for xmas, forget the LCB and all of that and just have some time away. Ideally we'd like to go somewhere hot, but open to a 4 day break or something like that in europe. The trouble is, it will have to be last minute, and we don't mind if we have to fly on christmas eve or day. Could anyone offer any help please.

Oh and not yet sure of how much money we will have, but any suggestions would be a start.

Many thanks

MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Sun 03-Nov-13 20:14:52

bumpkins smile

EagleRay Sun 03-Nov-13 20:18:49

A couple of questions - how old is DD? And do you need warm weather?

EagleRay Sun 03-Nov-13 20:47:35

Oops sorry - just saw you mentioned somewhere hot!

MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Sun 03-Nov-13 21:08:19

She's 17 so classed as adult and happy to go anywhere! as am I

EagleRay Sun 03-Nov-13 21:51:58

Well, I'm by no means an expert, but DP and I have had many holidays around the world on a shoestring and I'm reasonably good now at sniffing out cheap flights (proudest achievement was getting us flights to Central America for £250 each!!) Now we have DD, we are more limited in terms of where we go, but we still hunt for cheap flights and bugger off somewhere at short notice.

In terms of flight prices, generally it seems that the scheduled flights with budget airlines increase in price closer to the date, whereas holiday charters can go down. I use the Skyscanner app to search ALL flights as it covers pretty much all airlines and if you keep your search parameters as flexible as possible, then you will increase your chances of finding a bargain!

We also use a fair bit for finding accommodation, although it may be tricky to find the combination of cheap flight plus good hotel availability in your destination.

I've found Thomson's website generally very good for last-minute bargain searches here for holidays and here for flight only.

The week before xmas is generally as cheap as chips, although appreciate that that's not what you're looking for!

I've just taken a quick look online and can see flights to Marrakech 24-31 Dec for £150, and a hotel for the week would be £250. How do these prices sound? (although appreciate you don't have a set budget yet). It would be warm and sunny there, but not hot. Happy to do more searching to help - and hope the info here is a good start smile

MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Mon 04-Nov-13 02:34:33

Eagle Ray, thank you so much. I will look at those links tomorrow (just woken up and have to be up again in a few hours). Yes Marrakech looks good and the timings do too. smile

EagleRay Mon 04-Nov-13 10:20:56

Good morning - since I last posted, I found some possibly better flights!

On the dates 20 - 27 Dec, there's flights to Marrakech from Gatwick (£118) and from Birmingham (£128) These flights are with Thomson and were found on their Late Deals search.

With that week, you could either spend all your time in Marrakech (and do spa stuff, shopping at the markets, Yves St Laurent gardens, etc) or split your time between there and the Atlas mountains or head for the beaches at Essouraira. The accom there is mostly traditional riads within the Medina and many of them have terraces and sometimes small pools

There's also some cheap flights appearing for Tunisia and Lanzarote, if either of those take your fancy?

MakeMeJumpIntoTheAir Mon 04-Nov-13 21:14:14

Yes, indeed they do take my fancy. Thank you so much - will let you know how I get on smile

EagleRay Mon 04-Nov-13 21:30:50

oh please do! can you tell I don't have an awful lot going on in my life?

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