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Flying to Florida with Virgin, going to upgrade to premium economy with Clubcard points - wanted to share...

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plipplops Wed 30-Oct-13 21:48:13

Just wanted to share as I'm really excited!! We had some Virgin Flying Club miles already, but not enough to do anything with. Had a look on the Tesco Clubcard website yesterday, and about £50 in Clubcard points will convert into enough Flying Club miles for an upgrade one way!! We're not travelling until next Oct so have loads of time, and are just going to start spending (only things we would have bought anyway, food/petrol/clothes etc) on our Tesco credit card too. We were really dithering about paying for the upgrade on the flight home but it's something like £900 for the four of us, and now should hopefully get it for nothing, yaygrin

AngieM2 Mon 04-Nov-13 13:58:26

I would look in to this. We have flying club miles but have found that you are very restricted how you use them. If your flights are part of a package, say with Virgin hols, you will not be able to do it as your flight price category will be the absolute lowest and not eligible for mile upgrades. Good luck though and do feedback if I'm wrong (cos I'll try and use mine)

plipplops Mon 04-Nov-13 15:54:33

Bugger sad We've spoken to Virgin Atlantic who have said we can but it depends on the exact flight (or something) and they need a flight booking ref which you can't get until 11 months before you fly. That'll be at the end of this month so we'll be able to get confirmation then for definite, will be so disappointed if we can't get it. We we're probably going to get the Virgin credit card as you get loads more miles using that than converting Tesco points, but it will be really rubbish if they say no after we've got all excited!

Will keep you posted...

motherstongue Sun 10-Nov-13 13:59:28

If you are able to use the miles, use them on the return journey. My experience is that the excitement of going more than makes up for sitting in economy and it is normally a daytime flight. The return leg is normally a nighttime flight where the extra room is more appreciated as you can get more comfortable and perhaps even get a sleep therefore cutting down on the jet lag. We flew out and return on premium and these are my personal thoughts on what I thought was better.

pinkteddy Sun 10-Nov-13 14:05:10

Yes agree motherstongue, if you can only afford one upgrade, use it on the return. There might even be a premium lounge you can use at the US airport.

plipplops Sun 10-Nov-13 17:02:20

That's the plan - we did premium both ways last time but can't really justify the cost this time. We had been dithering about paying for the upgrade for the way home, but if we can do it on points that'd be amazing. 29th Nov will be 11 months before we go so we're really hoping to get confirmation either way then...

sleepdodger Sun 10-Nov-13 17:23:10

I've had many many va airmail for years because its so hard to actually spend them, and ofcouse the tax is still exorbitant
If you book 300 days in advance when flights come out you might get lucky
Also book on more frequent routes eg New York where there is more availability on business or premium to begin with where as holiday routes have smaller premium cabins
Hope you get it sorted it is fabulous grin

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