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Where to go for th big four oh single mum with 3 children

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sandiy Wed 30-Oct-13 17:31:29

I paid for myself and ex to have dinner on my 21st,I was pregnant and had baby twins for big three oh I am not waking up alone in rainy Britain in December for my big four oh.So where shall I go.I plan to take my children because I can't imagine not,I want long haul guaranteed sunshine,good food white sand, and not too many loved up honey mooners.A bit of culture thrown in would be great.Children will be 2xalmost eleven and one almost ten.Any recommendations greatly appreciated.Its next year so I have got a year to save up.

YDdraigGoch Wed 30-Oct-13 19:42:41

Somewhere like Barcelona? Or the Canaries.
Morocco is also nice.
New York in Dec would also be great.

TRL Thu 31-Oct-13 10:22:35

Thailand - we stayed both last December and the December before. It has interesting temples, stunning beaches, hotels to die for, elephants, snorkelling (and diving from 10 if they're interested), brilliant street food as well as fancy restaurants and welcoming people.

We buy our air flights for December/Jan as soon as they're released (I think it's 355 days in advance of the return so sometime in Jan) then spend the year planning our route around and booking hotels - you normally pay just the first night as deposit so you can save up through the year too. Domestic flights are cheap as there are several providers and good competition except for the routes that Bangkok Airways 'owns'.

We've also been to Cambodia on both trips (Angkor temples in Siem Reap are really Indiana Jones-esque).

Really special place to go for a special trip. grin

CreamyCooler Thu 31-Oct-13 17:16:20

A family friendly hotel in Mexico could work. Lovely beaches, stuff for your DC so you get some r&r and some good day trips on both the Caribbean and Pacific side.

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