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Has anyone been to Bahamas?

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kid Sun 02-Jul-06 20:50:58

I'm hoping to renew my vows in Bahamas but really want some ideas on somewhere nice to stay.
I haven't found anywhere yet, but I have just under 2 years before we go!

scienceteacher Sun 02-Jul-06 20:52:44

We have been there, but I wouldn't particularly recommend where we were (Marriot Hotel on Cable Beach), although the good thing was that it was fairly close to Nassau.

kid Sun 02-Jul-06 21:08:39

I was just looking at Superclub Breezes Bahamas, but I'm not sure if kids are allowed. Went through the prices and it came up with children =£9999, much dearer than the cost for adults!
Thanks for the tip, thats a start!

We are also considering Barbados, Bali or Antigua.

hoxtonchick Sun 02-Jul-06 21:11:20

we went to antigua kid, & it was fabulous. stayed at st james club. without children though... (well, i was pg with dd, but didn't know!)

kid Sun 02-Jul-06 21:13:08

Sounds good, am dreading the flight already, best not to think about it too much!

hoxtonchick Sun 02-Jul-06 21:43:46

my sil was suggesting a family holiday to st kitts today, & i said the thought of the flight was too grim .

kid Sun 02-Jul-06 22:02:57

I think you should go, and then you can tell me if its worth the stress of taking my 2 on a longhaul flight.

Is M looking forward to going to his new school? C is thinking of putting L's name down for that school.

hoxtonchick Mon 03-Jul-06 21:40:28

m very excited about school. we're really happy with what we've seen so far (not very much!). how about c?

kid Mon 03-Jul-06 22:58:30

C goes Reception in Jan, alot of his friends will be moving up before him though. I don't know how he will take it. It happened last year too because he started early. I'm sure he will be fine, I won't make a fuss about it either way.

chipkid Mon 03-Jul-06 23:01:38

I went to pink sands on harbour islad-before children. It was fantastic but expensive

northstar Mon 03-Jul-06 23:05:23

Would you consider flying to miami and then cruising over (takes about 4hrs)? It is half the price to book from U.S. rather than from U.K.
I went to Grand Bahama, it was beautiful, very diverse and the beaches are fabulous. We stayed 2 wks but got 3 free nights with the cruise package we booked from a travel agent in Miami. We then got a special offer of extra nights for a ridiculous price of about $30 per night.
The casinos are fun, and serve unlimited free drinks while you are gambling. A great way to start the evening if you're on a budget as we were.

northstar Mon 03-Jul-06 23:08:11

Hi hoxtonchick how are you? my ds is starting in sept as well

kid Mon 03-Jul-06 23:09:25

I don't really fancy doing the cruise after the flight, we would just want to get there the quickest way possible.
I have been looking at Grand Bahamas and it does look lovely.
I am going to get some brochures so I can flick through them.
The price should be okay as we have 2 years to pay for it but the cheaper the holiday, the more spending money!

suejonez Mon 03-Jul-06 23:10:38

Bahamas are much closer than the carribean aren't they? I thought bahamas were about 6.5 hr flights whereas Carribean is more like 9hrs. from what I remember - if travel time is a factor.

northstar Mon 03-Jul-06 23:12:12

As I remember it was really safe and friendly. Very clean and no bugs - always a bonus!!

kid Mon 03-Jul-06 23:15:59

I thought it was longer than 6.5 hour flight, that sounds good to me though, thanks!

suejonez Tue 04-Jul-06 13:27:03

I might be wrong about that but I seem to remember that it was closer than the carribean islands.

julie4travel Mon 21-Aug-06 14:07:44

kid - i have stayed at superclubs breezes bahamas and it was great. also my sister got married at Sandals Bahamas and said teh wedding was superb etc. yet no children is allowed at this property even for the ceremony itself (due to strict requirements)

kid Thu 26-Jul-07 23:48:12

Just came back to this. Still undecided as to where to go, less than a year to decide now! We will get there, eventually.
We went to a travel agents today and are considering St James, Blue Waters or Beach something, can't remember the second part but should know it if I heard it. Decisions, decisions!

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