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Mexico/Antigua can anyone recommend hotels?

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arfur Fri 30-Jun-06 11:41:38

Am trying to sort out holiday for next easter and DH fancies Mexico whilst I think Antigua looks nice and is a shorter flight DD will be 7 and DS 5, would like some things for kids to do but dont tend to put them in kids clubs usually. Would love someone to recommend a nice hotel in either place pref 4 or 5 star and has to be on a good beach, all inc too! TIA.

WestCountryLass Sun 02-Jul-06 22:18:19

Cannot sing the praises enough of Iverostar Paraiso del Mar, fantastic hotel, kids would love it!

Fanstic lagoon style pool with waterfall. Fantastic gardens, beautiful beach. Activities for children (not necessarily kids club) going on if they want to join in. Loads of choice for meals. And lots of attractions nearby if you want to do trips as a family.

jetsetmum Sun 02-Jul-06 22:50:07

5 Star Ultra All Inclusive Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico

Fantastic hotel & beach - 97% of rooms have ocean view & have jacuzzi in room

4/5 St James Club in Antiqua

Very popular with families - there are 365 beaches in Antiqua so you can't go wrong in finding a beach

UCM Sun 02-Jul-06 23:59:29

3 of my friends have stayed at Jolly beach resort and everyone of em came back lovin it.

ChiTownLady Fri 28-Jul-06 21:51:06

I am dreaming of carlisle bay in antugua - v expensive but looks amazing - its a crappy flight from here so am put off bu otherwise would jump at chance

Caribbeanqueen Fri 28-Jul-06 21:55:45

Ooh yes ChiTown Lady, I'd love to go to Carlisle Bay as well. It's sister hotel to One Aldwych in London and it's supposed to be fantastic.

Caribbeanqueen Fri 28-Jul-06 21:56:16

It's only a direct 7 1.2 hr flight.

Caribbeanqueen Fri 28-Jul-06 21:56:34

I mean 7 and a half!

ChiTownLady Sat 29-Jul-06 18:21:22

but from chicago where we are generally 1-2 changes and 7.5 hrs at least too even though we are only about 4 hrs flight away as the crow flies - so maks it a little excessive....

copycat Sun 30-Jul-06 09:06:05

Well the best beach I have seen by far has to be at The Jolly Beach Hotel in Antigua but although we had a great time I certainly wouldn't rate it 4 or 5 star. The rooms may have been re-moddled since we were there in August 2003 but they were fairly basic back then. The kids club wasn't up to much either and I don't remember there being much in the way of organised activities for the children either. Of course I suggest you read some more recent reviews on Tripadvisor as my comments are out of date. Here's the link
The beach is amazing and the island lovely so don't dismiss it without reading the reviews
We have also stayed at the Gala Resort in Playacar, Playa del Carmen (Easter 2004), Mexico which is a great family hotel and the kids club there was excellent. There was quite a lot organised activites for the children and ours had a great time. It's not often they ask to go to the kids club but they did here! reviews here . There was also a small fun park/waterpark very close to the hotel which the kids enjoyed.

ChiTownLady Mon 31-Jul-06 20:28:16

thanks again for all this...

jenkel Fri 18-Aug-06 14:36:55

We stayed at St James Club, Anituga in May, stayed in a 2 bed villa which was fantastic, beach was OK but certainly not the best on the island. Some fantastic beaches on Antigua, worth hiring a car and getting out and about, but in our experience beaches are about all that Antigua has, not a lot more for kids to do, saying that ours loves the beach. The direct flight to Antigua is handy too. We did have a great time, but our kids are young enough to be happy with a bucket and spade. Would say St James Club is low 4*.

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