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SavoyCabbage Wed 23-Oct-13 21:38:13

I too see it as something that just has to be done. My mum does it every year on her own to see us and this year I am doing it on my own with my two girls. She always says after the hustle and bustle of getting ready to come, she's ready for the flight!

She always gets an aisle seat so she can get out. She likes her right hand on the aisle side. Go for little walks.

Take one of those horseshoe shaped neck pillows. The beanie sort rather than the blow up kind. Try and get as much sleep as you can as it passes the time.

Take earplugs. Take some snacks ans some sweets to suck. I'm taking some herbal sleeping pills this time.

Singapore is a great airport to change at. It's really lovely. Us sit as a chance to stretch your legs.

Grannylipstick Wed 23-Oct-13 21:28:34

Thankyou. Not long now.

WhataSook Sat 19-Oct-13 23:04:09

Ive done this flight many many times - nothing can make it shorter so as long as you have the mindset of its only 24 hours you'll be ok. I second the empty bottle then filling it up, it will make you have to get up and move (going to the toilet).

I really enjoy a glass or three of red myself but I strongly recommend not drinking on this length of long haul, from personal experience it makes you feel 10 times worse when you finally land.

Enjoy your holiday and seeing your family!

Crutchlow35 Mon 07-Oct-13 17:13:51

I get on, get a glass of wine, eat the meal served and then watch a movie. Only by then are the lights out and the flight quietens down a bit. I try and snooze but generally keep awake and get a bit of sleep into oz from Singapore.

DumSpiroSpero Sun 06-Oct-13 14:25:53

We did London to Perth via Singapore for our honeymoon and the flights were fine.

I'd never down long haul and loved it, DH hates flying but he coped OK.

Take some nice snacks, tablet if you have one loaded with ebooks/audio books and music and some decent, comfortable earphones. I always make sure I wear shoes I can kick off easily and would probably take some slipper socks for a flight that long.

I remember our flight out very fondly. The jet lag afterwards, not so much, but I guess if you've done a fair bit of long haul previously you might not be affected so much.

Good luck and have a great time!

specialsubject Sun 06-Oct-13 14:07:00

it isn't fun however you package it, but regard it as the price to be paid. I actually always feel dreadful if I sleep on planes, prefer to book an aisle seat and walk around when I like.

take a large empty water bottle (one of the 1.5 litre ones) through security. Fill it airside before first take off, then again in Singapore (tap water is drinkable there). The cabin crew do distribute water but it is never enough.

enjoy the visit!

Optimist1 Sat 05-Oct-13 08:22:13

If you're on an evening departure from UK you'll benefit from being exhausted from the day's events (packing, getting to the airport, last minute arrangements) so I'd recommend pulling up your blanket and shutting your eyes as soon as you're on the plane. Sometimes I have to maintain this pretence of sleep for a while before I drop off, other times I have fallen asleep before take off! By the time you arrive in Singapore you'll feel somewhat refreshed. Have a good walk around when you're in transit there, get a decent cup of coffee then re-board and enjoy your book/movies for a while. Time for a further nap before arriving in Oz (or not, if Perth is your final destination). Excitement of seeing your family will kick in and see you through a lot of the tiredness when you get there!

Have a great visit - the journey is a challenge, but so worth it!

SatinSandals Sat 05-Oct-13 07:48:22

Just see it as a necessary evil. I can't think of any tips that work. I can't sleep in that position and so watched films for a lot of it. Get an aisle seat so that you can get up easily and walk about, stretch etc. I took clean pants and socks and so had a good wash, changed them and cleaned my teeth in Singapore. It made me feel better.

Grannylipstick Fri 04-Oct-13 21:28:52

I am visiting my daughter and 2 grandsons in 4 weeks time. I've done quite a lot long haul trips but this one scares me. I am going on my own with British airways and just stopping to re fuel in Singapore. How do you cope with such a long flight?? Any tips please.

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