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Anyone got a Disney/Florida Holiday Planned Part 2

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Groovee Thu 03-Oct-13 16:36:43

Old Thread

Yonididnaedaethat Sun 06-Oct-13 17:41:38

I've not stayed at Orange lake but did a timeshare tour is very nice smile, great if you are into golf too lol

theladylovescupcakes Sun 06-Oct-13 19:01:34

Hi all! We're off next Sunday, squeal! Haven't booked any dining, do we really need to? DS is 11 so no character dining needed, but won't we be able to just walk in and get a table? Thanks.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 06-Oct-13 20:09:48

The sit-down restaurants? Probably not. People book them 180 days in advance (in fact some a little earlier than that if they are staying on site). However the quick-service restaurants where you queue and pay for your food at the counter will be there for you.

Josiejay Sun 06-Oct-13 20:14:08

We are booked for March 2014. Can not WAIT!

theladylovescupcakes Sun 06-Oct-13 20:34:04

Really Anne? That's mad! Don't mind quick service but thought we might get a nice sit down meal. Are the Downtown Disney restaurants the same?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 06-Oct-13 21:07:29

I'm not sure about the ones at Downtown Disney, thelady, we have never actually had a table-service meal at Disney despite going 4 times!

To be honest I can't see the point in sitting down for a lengthy meal - there is so much to see and do. Plus, I don't like deciding 6 months in advance which park I will be in, let alone where I want to eat and at what time!

The quick service restaurants are very good - it isn't all burgers. Plus you get to eat when you are hungry, rather than when you could book a table 6 months ago!

You may be lucky and get a cancellation. Some people do manage to get a table at short notice.

couch25cakes Mon 07-Oct-13 22:08:25

You can always check at guest services as you arrive at the parks in the morning and see what's available in the table service places. It's not very high season so you may get lucky.
Still no flights here but the prices are coming down slowly.

Potterer Tue 08-Oct-13 17:37:38

Count me in, I have just waded through the original thread and have been to the travel agents this morning to get a quote shock

We are looking at Port Orleans Resort to totally immerse ourselves in the Disney bubble, we wanted a different hotel but you can't downgrade the dining plan, we want quick counter service meals. I like to plan stuff but the idea of deciding on a park and restaurant months in advance is not for me.

I went to Disney as a child but DH and the boys have never been. We are going in May 2014 and my ds2 will turn 8 whilst we are out there.

Any recommendations on what to celebrate with? ie somewhere special to eat? I have in the past had the Unofficial Guide to Disney but have ordered the latest one from Amazon so I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

somewhatavoidant Tue 08-Oct-13 19:43:07

We're going with ds (3) for one single day and night. I've been advised that the Magic Kingdom and the Art of Animation hotel would be suitable. We want it to be a day of lots of fun even though we know he won't remember it. Any advice appreciated!

flatmum Mon 14-Oct-13 17:31:13

We are going on Thursday! Staying in a villa. In a bit worried about trying to do all that parks as we only have 13 days. Which parks need 2 days do you think? Which is te "worse" that we could drop?

DoubleDoubleTwigletTrouble Mon 14-Oct-13 21:53:10

We are going next Feb; staying in a villa. flatmum, I've only been to Florida once but I've decided not to bother with Animal Kingdom this time around. I also won't do Busch Gardens (but if you love thrill rides/coasters etc. then Busch is suposed to be great). I keep reading that Hollywood Studios is the one to drop if you're short on time but that was one of our favourite parks!

Do you all have rest days whilst you're there? It is hard going (and too much for our DCs) and the rest days are useful but I keep stressing about what we're missing!

MakingAnotherList Tue 15-Oct-13 01:00:07

I'm going in December, for Christmas smile , staying at Kidani Village. My children don't know yet. We're going to tell them just before we leave for the train to Gatwick.

MakingAnotherList Tue 15-Oct-13 01:00:07

I'm going in December, for Christmas smile , staying at Kidani Village. My children don't know yet. We're going to tell them just before we leave for the train to Gatwick.

Trazzletoes Tue 15-Oct-13 01:06:37

I'm back and lurking again in case we get to go...

<waves to NickNacks and Laurenamium>

Potterer Thu 17-Oct-13 07:00:39

Realistically how tired will the children be? They will be almost 11 and ds2 turns 8 whilst we are there, see above ^^

We are center parcs people so the children are used to activities but we are looking to book our one and only sit down meal at dinner time for ds2's birthday (5pm onwards)

Will we need to get them back to the hotel for a rest/sleep in the afternoon?

DoubleDoubleTwigletTrouble Thu 17-Oct-13 11:38:06

It IS a very tiring holiday, no two ways about it. Jetlag shouldn't be too bad on the way there though - it's just all the walking. Even though you're mainly strolling, you are pretty much walking all day. We don't do the 'get there as soon as it opens thing' and we usually leave around 6ish and my DCs are fine to go all that time without a rest (though the 6yo does need to go in a buggy sometimes). So I'd say as long as you aren't hitting the parks from 9am-9pm then your DCs should be fine. My DD is having a birthday whilst we're there too! We've booked a character breakfast - that might be an idea for you? You can order cakes to be brought to your table too. And make sure you ask for a (free) birthday badge at City Hall if you're in MK!

Potterer Sun 20-Oct-13 14:56:05

Thanks Double we think we are leaning toward chef mickey's for breakfast so have to factor in getting from Port Orleans resort to MK then to Contemporary. I am packing a massive birthday badge but will also grab one from City Hall as a souvenir.

My Unofficial Guide to Disney with Kids arrived yesterday and I have hardly put it down grin It suggests starting walking 6 weeks before you go to build up stamina!

We are all early risers so we are planning to hit the parks early, back to hotel for rest then back in for the evening.

escape Wed 23-Oct-13 22:55:13

Joining! Just booked last night ( last day of dining plan offer!) We have decided we all literally not tell the kids until we get to the airport - we are going in July
We went in November 8 years ago, DD was 4.5, DS1 was just 16 weeks! and stayed on I Drive. The time , she will be 13 ( eek ) DS1, almost 9 and DS2, 7.5 years, so looking forward to watching them enjoy it!
Staying at Port Orleans, best value package for us with one room - would have loved OKW in a two bed 'villa' but really not in budget . Can't wait!

Potterer Thu 24-Oct-13 11:19:04

escape we are staying at Port Orleans because of that pull down bed, ds1 sleeps like a starfish so ds2 who is still little is having that bed.

Can anyone advise me re luggage? ie how many cases did you take, did you take enough clothes for 2 weeks or did you re-wear or wash stuff.

Having never been on a plane with children I am trying to work out what to pack. I have just been and bought suitcases today, 2 large and 2 medium although I am planning on taking 3 cases not 4.

Help me please oh wise ones.

ScreamsInTheNight Thu 24-Oct-13 15:16:42

Luggage- we took enough for 1 week- there are washer/dryers next to the pools at Port Orleans. Much cheaper and easier than packing loads!

Don't take towels.

What time of year are you going Potterer?

tory79 Thu 24-Oct-13 15:23:33

Hello all, we are going at the end of January. We are old timers though, this will be our 6th trip together. Our first time with a 2 year old though smile and also the first time we are going in 'winter', normally we go in June or October.

Any advice on appropriate clothing for that time of year?

Littleredsquirrel Thu 24-Oct-13 15:25:49

Just booked for saratoga springs in october 2014 (a third off plus free dining). Very excited. The new Diagon alley section will be open at Universal too. This will be our third time. We love it.

Littleredsquirrel Thu 24-Oct-13 15:27:11

Potterer the kids wont be tired at that age, it will be fine.

Potterer Fri 25-Oct-13 16:22:34

Thank you all, we are going end of May 2014. I had seen the laundry room but just wondered what people usually do.

Ds2 is the messiest eater so clothing wise he will never be able to wear something twice <takes after his very clumsy Mother> unless it is washed.

Littlered we go to Center Parcs every year and ds2 sometimes falls asleep at 5pm at the dinner table shock he just doesn't seem to be able to endure lots of physical activity. He tends to sleep in the car if we have been out walking for the day too.

I have a medical condition that means I get fatigued so am really hoping we schedule in some down time in the afternoons, purely because if I push myself too hard I will collapse with it blush

tory I started watching YouTube videos to see what people were wearing, are they wearing cardigans, do people look like they are melting? grin

kaytola Fri 25-Oct-13 16:25:41

Hello you lot! Myself and the tribe are going in July 2014 for a fair few days and we are staying in a villa but we've also booked a couple of nights at the Hard Rock Hotel to take advantage of the FOLP!

Can't wait!

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