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Holiday to koh samui , Thailand with dc age nearly 4 and 7 .

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ImThinkingBoutMyDoorbell Sun 27-Oct-13 05:56:46

Oh and yes to the mozzie lotion, lots of it! My son gets bitten too, he has his mum's tasty blood evidently. My nanny friend Pim says that the Johnsons baby range has a mosquito repellent suitable for younger children, and she recommended Boots Soltan Water Play suncream for kids SPF50+, which doesn't come off easily if your kids are playing in the pool/beach. It's cheaper to buy that at home than in Thailand though, it's about £10 a bottle over there.

ImThinkingBoutMyDoorbell Sun 27-Oct-13 05:50:47

I just went with my 1 year old (am back yesterday, jetlagged today but what a fabulous trip we had)! We flew BA direct to BKK, it was better for us with a small child as we could use the travel seat/bassinet at the bulkhead seats. My son was too big for the bassinet but the BA travel seat is a bit like a bouncer that fits children up to 2, so he slept well and travelled comfortably. I've done the 7+7 hours flights via the Middle East a few times before; I have to say I much preferred going direct this time and found I adjusted better to the time zone change. I'm not doing so well on the way back, I've been up since 3am...!

Chaweng is not very good for kids, too smelly, dirty in the daytime and lewd at night. Good for a kidfree night out though! Bophut is where we stayed this time. We stayed in the Mantra hotel (up in the hills, fabulous views and lovely rooms but remote and difficult to get around anywhere) and the Bandara (rooms not as nice as the Mantra but lovely location and good facilities). Fisherman's village is a short walk away and there's a night fair on Friday nights when it is closed to vehicle traffic. Renting a car isn't really worth it, it costs about £20-£25 a day, but you can hire it as a one-off for day trips easily enough. They don't really do car seats though...

I have been really lucky too in knowing a good nanny/babysitting service to use when my husband and I wanted some kid-free time. I had been to Thailand many times before having kids, and while I was at home, pregnant I saw on Facebook that one of my Thai friends, who lives in Samui is married to a Dutchman, had set up a Nanny agency. I thought, oh brilliant, I know Pim well and she's a careful and kind person, I'd definitely trust her with my child when I go again.

It's been better than expected, actually, all of her nannies are trained to a Western standard - they write down details of all feeding, naps, activities, nappy changes just as my nursery at home does - AND they all have first aid certs and swimming certs so they can take your child to the hotel pool etc. We ended up booking a few more days' service than we had planned to, but we were very confident with the nanny we got and it was nice to be a bit more carefree on hols. She was fab, I came back early to the hotel room and saw her playing with my son through the window before they spotted me, he was laughing his little heart out, and when we left she had tears in her eyes saying goodbye to him.

(I don't really know what the rules on advertising are, or if I can mention the business name outright, so to steer clear I'll say you can PM me if you think you might want the website address or contact details for Pim. They have a daily rate and an hourly rate; these are the same whether day nannying or night-time babysitting. The cost to me was about the same daily rate as my nursery or less than the babysitting service I use in London.)

handcream Thu 24-Oct-13 18:22:50

We went straight to Samui from UK. Layover was just 90 mins between Bangkok and Samui. Wouldnt recommend Bangkok for kids tbh. Keep pushing on - another 2 hours to avoid Bangkok is not going to make you feel much worse jet lag wise then you already do. Should be able to check through your luggage as well. Thai are nice to fly with. Went to the Sanbaturi Hotel (really nice and 5*). They allowed the kids (12 and 8 in our room which saved us loads!)

bringonthesummer Tue 10-Sep-13 23:00:06

Thanks we are looking at Eva air . On the way back will probably just have 1 night in Bangkok . Will definitely be 24/7 insect repellent .. Mossies seem really like myself and dd !

TweenageAngst Tue 10-Sep-13 20:56:35

I agree with the 24/7 insect repellent. The Dengue mossies bite in the morning.
Samui is really easy with kids.
Emirates is a good airline. I would go with a direct overnight flight.

johnnycastle Tue 10-Sep-13 20:50:47

We flew direct to Bangkok with BA, awful, no legroom and very long flight. We flew home with Thai Airlines indirect, and i preferred breaking the journey, they were much much better. We stayed in Bangkok for 3 nights on the way home. Not great, wouldn't take young children there.

johnnycastle Tue 10-Sep-13 20:45:55

We've just returned from 3 weeks in Samui. My 13 year old developed a nasty ear infection and on the advice of a pharmacist in Boots we bought some antibiotics and his ear cleared up in a couple of days. There are a couple of good hospitals and they all seem to speak good English. Days out ..... We went elephant trekking, swam in a waterfall, visited the Big Buddha and went on a boat trip to Anthong national park. I would avoid Chaweng, it's very busy, Lamai beach is quieter. If you want to know anything else just ask because my brother lives there! Hope this helps.

bringonthesummer Tue 10-Sep-13 20:05:22

Thanks for your reply . They both has all usual vaccinations do should ok.

specialsubject Tue 10-Sep-13 10:13:10

healthwise, your child should have all the standard childhood vaccinations before you go to Thailand, but no extras are needed. Also 24/7 insect repellent to reduce chance of dengue.

bringonthesummer Tue 10-Sep-13 08:20:06

We are planning our next holiday to Koh samui ,Thailand . Our dc will be nearly 4 and 7 yrs . Can anyone give us some tips / need to know advice ? DH and I have visited koh samui before having children but this will be the first time with dc . For example how was the flight ? Did you stop over in Bangkok ? Any vaccinations needed ? What is healthcare like ? Always heard its good but it would be useful if anyone has experience ? Any tips for days out while in koh samui ?child friendly beaches etc. Thanks very much

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