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buggy on flight - is zezu "fully collapsible"?

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MacMomo Wed 14-Aug-13 22:08:37

I'm a bit new to buggies/prams, help appreciated! We are flying to Australia and the airlines quote "fully collapsible" pushchairs can be flown. Does the zezu count as fully collapsible? We won't have it in pram mode but in sit up mode and you can fold it down without removing the seat unit - but it's bulky, it's not an umbrella stroller. Anyone got experience? many thanks.

hothereinnit Thu 15-Aug-13 22:22:25

it might depend on which airline.

from memory I have taken:

a M&P Pliko
a P&T Sport
an Inglesina Otutto on various different flights, longhaul and shorthaul.

the Pliko is obviously the smallest folding.

the P&T we have even managed to get onboard in the cabin, so ready for us on landing (hit and miss though) - it's not exactly a small fold, either, although quite thin.

the Otutto I had was an old one, so folded in 2 parts. the chassis folded umbrella style, but then had the seat unit as separate. the airline didn't bat an eyelid at all.

so, based on my experience, I would say 'fully collapsible' is anything that folds at all - ie not a huge old fashioned silver cross grin

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