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Travelling pregnant to Russia with 2 under 2. What should I take?

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MultipleMama Tue 13-Aug-13 16:42:49

One will be in my lap and the other in a seat, as I will be travelling alone and it's a 1 child:1 lap rule so I must have a seat.

What should I take to be prepared? For entertainment and to help them sleep better?

nextphase Wed 14-Aug-13 12:43:37

The airline obviously allowed you to book, but even tho we had a seat for an under 2, they had to be on our knee for take off and landing. Might be worth checking with them?

Small, wrapped presents, stickers, boxes of raisins, empty bottle to fill with water on the other side of security, change of clothes for you all.

Sleep better?? hmmm mine went hyper as soon as they were on the plane, and then conked out.

Your very brave, hope it goes well. Don't be afraid to ask a friendly looking neighbour to help if you need to. The cabin crew were really helpful when they thought I was travelling alone with a 1 and 3 year old - til I pointed out they had moved our booked seats and split DH and I over the aisle!

MultipleMama Wed 14-Aug-13 19:44:21

I checked with the airline and as long as the one in the seat is in a approved FF car seat, he can be there for takeoff etc. I have their contact number just in case attendants give me hassle.

Thanks for the ideas! smile

nextphase Wed 14-Aug-13 20:11:57

Ah, the car seat will make a difference!
How long is the flight? We had 14 hrs, but the crew were more than happy for us to potter up to the galley, and ask for snacks / drinks etc.

We also had a sling, which made DS2 much happier to snuggle in and sleep. I'm assuming you've got twins? That might cause more arguments than help things? And depending on how pregnant you are, might not be sensible!

MultipleMama Thu 15-Aug-13 01:47:18

Leave: 7 hours roughly.
Return: 14 hours rough. Though this includes a long layover.

They're 11 months and will be a year old when we return. A sling will be good, they hate it at the moment and my bump will be in the way.

I plane to have T2 in my lap as he's the fussiest and would hate the car seat.

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