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sailing in BVI HELP please

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theoldtrout01876 Tue 13-Aug-13 00:31:18

Hi people

Please help me. We have been given some cash,quite a bit of cash smile. We have decided sod it we are going on an amazing vacation. Dh has always wanted to go sailing in BVI. We are in Boston USA btw. Has anyone ever done this?,got any recommendations?. There will be Dh, a 9 year old Dd,3 adult Dc's ( 21,20 and 18) and maybe one of the Ds's girlfriends.

Is it better to get a cat and hire a skipper or go with a 38 foot monohull ( in which case said girlfriend cant come ) and have Dh sail it ( he can actually sail btw smile ). We are wavering,there is enough money to cover both but we are feeling somewhat torn at the extra cost of the cat.

quoteunquote Tue 13-Aug-13 11:00:38

Well the movement on a cat is a bit sick inducing, so if you have any bad sailors I would avoid the cat, nice for a flat sail around the med, and hanging out on beaches, or breaking around the world records, or if you are Daz.

Find a bigger mono hull, and a skipper, so you can all relax.

I sail both, but depending what you want out of a trip, they are a very different experience.

specialsubject Tue 13-Aug-13 11:53:03

you need at least two people on the boat competent to sail and skipper it. If your husband is the only sailor, then you need to hire a skipper.

enjoy - what a great idea!

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