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What to take/ do with baby + toddler in Singapore + Bali?

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Lifeiswhatyoubakeit Sun 11-Aug-13 20:46:31

Have just booked flights to Singapore (1 week) to see brother-in- law and Bali (1 week) over Christmas and the new year. We are taking DS (3) and DD (10 months) with us.

I aim to be as prepared as possible to offset my guilt at being so ludicrously optimistic to minimise stress.

Has anyone done this? What needs to be done re; vaccinations, prams, car seats, transport, jet lag, long haul flights, etc.

We have booked with Sigapore Airlines which seems to be a favourite with MNs.

Any advise would be gratefully received.

mummymeister Sun 11-Aug-13 23:39:01

you need to have a chat with your GP re the vaccinations as not sure if 10 month old is going to raise any issues tbh. would do that first.

Dollybird86 Sun 11-Aug-13 23:50:02

I know that rabies is something you should look into especially for the little 2 also talk to ur doctor about anti malaria tablets\liquid, after 3 days in Bali I had been bit 25 times!

On the happy side Bali zoo is amazing as is a water park just outside Ubud. Have a lovely time.

Pachacuti Sun 11-Aug-13 23:59:33

You don't need anything for Singapore, but not sure about Bali.

One idea for first evening in Singapore is to go to the Night Safari, because you'll all be jetlagged and running on UK time, which conveniently enough puts you on the perfect setting for the Night Safari.

Lifeiswhatyoubakeit Mon 12-Aug-13 10:58:38

Yes heard the night zoo was good for jet lagged kids. Will do that thanks Pachacuti.

God really hope we won't need antimalarials, that would be a real pain. Have booked a gp appt.

Has anyone taken car seats with them? How does that work?

mummymeister Mon 12-Aug-13 11:45:18

from what I remember of Bali, if you are hiring a car then would take your own car seats. as a rule taxis wont provide them. Very different ideas about road safety as I recall. pretty certain you are going to need antimalarials and not sure about giving them to really small children. would invest in night nets even if you don't. I had a rabies jab and it was truly horrid - vowed never to have one again. going out early morning on a boat to see the dolphins was a real highlight for us. tbh I think you might find Bali with a 10 month old a bit of a struggle re food unless you stay in an hotel.

Pachacuti Mon 12-Aug-13 12:31:48

You can give C&P (chloroquine and prowhatsit) antimalarials to the 3yo and I think to the 10 month old, and I seem to remember that you can get them in liquid form for small children - your GP practice will know. The side effects from those are fine SO LONG AS YOU NEVER TAKE THEM ON AN EMPTY STOMACH (guess who made that mistake? blush).

YoniMatopoeia Mon 12-Aug-13 12:39:42

We have just come back from Bali and Singapore. Older kids. (24, 13 and 6 year olds)

We were told there was low risk of malaria in both, so no need for anti malarials. There is also dengue, but there is no vaccination. We had deet. My sil, who lives in Singapore also had some citronella stickers that she put on her toddlers clothes.

Will think about activities and come back later when on laptop rather than phone.

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