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Which buggy to take? I'm in a dither....

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Inthesleeplessnightgarden Wed 07-Aug-13 16:03:08

Travelling this weekend from London having been back home for a few months for baby no 2's arrival. I came with DS 2.5 yrs and used our maclaren round the airport, and he walked from the plane to the luggage carousel at this end. While I've been back have been using very second hand phil and teds for DS1 and DS2 now 12 weeks or maclaren for DS1 and ergo carrier for DS2.

We very rarely use a buggy at home (Currently west Africa, no buggyable pavements!) only for airport really.

So flying, by myself, from Heathrow should I take A) P&T or B) ergo plus Maclaren? Can check either at the gate but won't get buggy back until luggage carousel so will need to take ergo, or a wrap, anyway so can carry DS2 and hold DS1's hand through crazy airport.

Will leave one buggy at my folks so can swap on our next trip back if needs be.

I'm currently leaning towards B but thoughts welcome!

Rummikub Thu 08-Aug-13 01:25:38

Option b sounds sensible if pavements are tricky. Congratulations by the way!

solarbright Thu 08-Aug-13 01:44:17

I'd take whichever I'd be least upset over when the airline destroys it. smile

As you'll be on your own, you need the ability to put the baby in whichever stroller you take, if only for a short time, so you can go to the loo, help older DC in loo or with food, etc. Is the MacLaren okay for that? I did sling + MacLaren and it worked out fine.

By the way, buy some reins if you don't have them already. My MIL gave me some, and the only time I ever used them was in airports - they're wonderful for keeping older DC close by, especially at baggage claim when your eyes have to be elsewhere.

Inthesleeplessnightgarden Thu 08-Aug-13 21:35:13

Thanks both. Think option B it is. Good call on the reins. I have one of those little life rucksacks so will take for DS1 until buggy emerges.

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