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TheDoctrineOfAllan Fri 02-Aug-13 01:03:41

Taking 6 and 3 year old to moscow. All tips and advice welcome!

dontyouknow Tue 06-Aug-13 19:29:42

Went a while ago before we had children but I think my six year old would like red square and the kremlin. She'd love seeing the biggest bell in the world! I think there is a big natural history museum near red square. We didn't go but would be good for children, maybe save it for if it rains?

I imagine you've already discounted it but I wouldn't take them to see Lenin's body - I think they would find it upsetting.

I had to look it up as I couldn't remember what it was called - Kolomenskoe would be a good place to visit. It's a little out of the centre. It's like a big park to wander round, with churches and Peter the Great's cabin. I seem to recall there were lots of families there, although we did go on a weekend.

There was a hard rock cafe so, assuming it's still there, I imagine they might well like to go there for dinner one night.

If you teach them thank you in Russian I think it would go down well.

TheDoctrineOfAllan Tue 06-Aug-13 20:34:18


Spassiba!, is that thank you?

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