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Vaccinations for Zimbabwe

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Munashe Tue 09-Jul-13 00:50:22

You need none despite what doctors may say apart from anti Malaria tablets. If you are in Harare you won't even need them as it is high attitude so no malaria plus August is end of winter and mosquitoes will be in hibernating.

Just a warning, don't drink the water and be careful what you eat. Diarrhoea has made a comeback again as the cities struggle to purify the water. Take some immodium with you just in case.

middleagedspread Wed 03-Jul-13 07:33:00

Definitely speak to the Practice Nurse.
In the meantime is useful

mum2chalkandcheese Tue 02-Jul-13 23:55:12

Have recently been given the opportunity to fly out to see family in Zimbabwe in August. All quite last minute so I'm panicking about jabs. Having looked into it I believe my ds's need Hep A and Typhoid (they are up to date with all other imms so think Tetanus isn't needed). Has anyone else given their LOs these vaccinations recently? Any helpful advice etc?

Also, we'll be travelling to an area which means we need anti-malaria tablets. I know it's sometimes cheaper to go to Boots or Tesco but I've got so many options flying around I'm now not sure what the best thing to do is. One thing we are clear on is it needs to be Malarone.

Will be speaking to my GP surgery tomorrow but they can be unhelpful at times so any advice here would be great.

Thanks all!

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