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Florida 2014 WWYD??

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slp123 Sun 28-Apr-13 23:01:50

Hi, after some opinions really. My DH& I have been to Florida 3 times before we had our DD. we are now in the process of planning our first trip with her for next summer.
The basics are we can go anytime during 6 week school holidays and we will be primarily visiting Disney parks, probably day at Seaworld but that be about it for theme parks (unless the anyone tells me the Legoland park is worth a visit). Meant to say she will be 5yrs old.
Previously we stayed on I drive and at The Swan and Port Orleans. We just really not sure if going to Disney hotel worth it or to try hotel on lake Buena vista.
Also we were thinking that we might add disney 3 night cruise on to end of holiday, so any experience of this be welcomed.
We would hire a car and ideally want fly into Orlando not Sanford. Previously we have gone with virgin.
So any opinions/experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks S

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 29-Apr-13 10:35:19

Have you had a look at the Dibb forum? Wealth of information there, plus they will answer any question you could possibly have.

We are booked to go again in October 2014 (half term) and will be staying onsite again. We like it for the convenience of the Disney transport (Magical Express from the airport and the park buses mean we don't bother to hire a car, getting a taxi if we want to go out of Disney) which gets you to the parks much quicker than driving. We've stayed at Port Orleans three times with DD (4) but next time we are staying at Caribbean Beach as it came up cheaper. I love the atmosphere onsite, and the experience has always been great for DD.

The offers for 2014 have just come out - worth taking a look at if you are considering staying onsite. We have got the free quick service dining plan and the $200 gift card for our trip. We ended up booking with Virgin as I wanted to book the flights and didn't want to risk waiting for the 11 month mark.

I've heard the last two weeks of the summer holidays are the best to book if you have to go in the summer, as the US schools will have already gone back.

Lastly, I haven't been to Legoland, but I did notice that you can now get Legoland Florida passes with Tesco vouchers now.

Groovee Mon 29-Apr-13 13:20:07

We're going in July. For the first time we are not staying at Disney. We've opted for a villa as we have older children.

As from next April Thomas Cook will be flying into MCO instead of Sanford with their sister Airline Condor.

Fluffy1234 Mon 29-Apr-13 14:17:24

I've been on a Disney Cruise (a 7 day one around the Med) and would definitely recommend it. A cruise would be a lovely, relaxing end to your holiday. The activities, food, cabins and service are excellent, I'd even suggest going on one longer than 3 nights because they are so good.

calamityjane Sun 26-May-13 17:06:51

Hi Anne, can I ask who you booked with as we are toying with the idea of booking for October 2014 grin

I've never been before, dh went with his family about 20 years ago, our ds will be 13.

We also want to stay at the Carribean Beach, have been reading all the threads on Florida and been on the dibb site!

Sorry for the hijack op

cuddlymoomoo Sun 26-May-13 17:11:28

Would definitely go for Disney hotel - as poster above says, you can use their transport so not bother with hiring a car, gets you quicker to parks, closer to parks, and extra time there with Magic Hours. We also go for the cheapest hotels as you're in the room for sleeping and that's it really. They feel so safe and are so clean that I wouldn't do it any other way - although two thirds of the way through we go to a Universal one and do the same there. You don't need any transport at all at those parks as the on site hotels are so close, you get room cards that do you for queue jumping on all rides too.

cuddlymoomoo Sun 26-May-13 17:12:16

Oh, and we always book ourselves as much cheaper to do flights and hotels separately online grin.

EightToSixer Sun 26-May-13 17:23:07

We went the last two weeks of school holidays last year aug-sept and it was reasonably quiet and relatively dry for August. Definitely worth stating on site for meal plan, Disney dollars and free transportation. We stayed at Old Key West in a studio with a handy little kitchenette.
Vitgin is great for on board entertainment for children and I like Orlando airport too.
End of August is boiling and humid with a daily rain shower in the afternoon but we got lucky and got 7 dry days in a row just after hurricane Isaac.

noisytoys Sun 26-May-13 17:28:23

We went last year and stayed on I drive (wet n wild end) if we did it again I would stay at Sea World end to cut out the transfer on the lynx bus transfer but it was great cant wait to go again smile

Tobagostreet Sun 26-May-13 17:43:23

Another DIBB forum recommendation here!

DH and I had been a few times before DC came along. 2010 when DS1 was 7 and DS2 was 5 we went back grin.

Completely different holiday with kids. Long days at the parks were just exhausting for them, we ended up buying a pushchair from Walmart for youngest as it was too much on his wee legs!

With the kids, we ended up having to to a rest day between each park day, so try to get accommodation you'd be happy potting about by the pool on the odd day.

Giving how tiring it can be (and you'd be going at a hot time of year) if you stay onsite at Disney, I'd recommend Old Key West or Saratoga Springs as I'm sure these are the resorts with separate bedrooms, which is a must for the DC having an earlier night that the adults.

My preference is now alway to stay offsite, in a villa or condo with a private pool. It's often cheaper than onsite, and you can do your own food for breakfast/lunch. The villas etc tend to be about 20 mins away from Disney. Best of both worlds that way.

I hope you decide to book up, and have a fantastic holiday. This is my favourite thread type ever!

It's 124 days until our next Orlando vacation, and I am SUPER excited!

Tobagostreet Sun 26-May-13 17:47:07

Oh, and another recommendation for a DiY booking.

I've booked a flydrive with Virgin (prefer to go direct to Orlando International, like the service, good food/entertainment for kids). Villa booked via Owners Direct and park tickets from Attraction Tickets Direct.

cuddlymoomoo Sun 26-May-13 17:49:20

They do get tired, but they also have that fantastic capacity to sleep anywhere - I love how you just see sleeping children on walls, waiting for parades, everywhere!

We went once when one of the kids was 2, were on plane before we realised we had forgotten to bring the buggy - didn't think for a moment to buy one as we were a bit dim, and he was fine smile. Needed a few naps but still managed 14 hour days - and certain attractions are very conducive to sleep (there are a couple of American history ones, and Carousel of Progress which are great for naps/breastfeeding!).

Tobagostreet Sun 26-May-13 17:56:30

grin we decided to buy a 30 dollar pushchair after 2 days of hiring a Disney one for 14 dollars per day (well, that and between parks being asked by a 5yo if we'd carry him!)

MOSagain Sun 26-May-13 19:05:16

for really good villas within 4 miles of Disney have a look at Loyalty Homes, a company owned and managed by an english lady who only manages luxury homes within 4 miles of Disney. Most have private pools and many have gamesrooms. You can get them from around $700 pw.
This is one of the homes they manage and if you mention MN you might get a discount

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