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Traveling long haul with a baby

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weegiemum Mon 18-Mar-13 13:45:45

A tip I never used but read on MN years ago!

If there's a Boots airside, call now and order the formula cartons you need. As they are bought airside, they're approved as safe on the plane!

blushingmare Mon 18-Mar-13 13:42:04

We just got back from NZ yesterday with our 9mo (left when she was 8mo) - its a great age to travel with them and we had an amazing time!

On the way out we started with a night flight and DD slept really well for all the flights, on the way back the flight started at lunchtime and it was a little harder and she didn't sleep as much, but both times were remarkably good and much easier than we thought.

Book a bassinet - it's good for sleeping, playing and feeding in. I brought a clip on arch with us that I clipped on to the bassinet and draped a blanket over for when she was sleeping, which was a godsend as they get very distracted by everything. Take loads of snacks and finger food that take a long time to eat. Each of DD's meals lasted about an hour, which took up a good chunk of time! I used my sling for a few sleeps when she was too hyper to sleep in the bassinet and it's good to have for airport transfers too. A few toys, but DD's favourite things to play with were the earphones and the plastic cups from my meal trays!

My top tip would be try to pack the things you need all together in separate bags. So change bag in one bag; food, bibs, wipes etc in another; sleep stuff in another etc. On the way out I just had everything spread over 2 bags and it drove me crazy constantly having to get stuff out of the other bag when I'd just got one bag down for something else!

DD loves people and new places so she was just so excited by it all and was made a fuss over by so many people that it really pushed her on through. I think having her to care for on the plane made the flight seem shorter for us too.

On the way there she barely even recognised the time change - we just got her to bed as normal that evening and he slept brilliantly all holiday. On the way back was a different story and I think we're going to have a few sleepless nights til she's back in this timezone, but I'm trying to just give her as normal a day as possible just with extra sleeps where needed.

Enjoy NZ - we had the most fantastic time and DD loved it too!

HariboAndWine Mon 18-Mar-13 11:03:31

Also remember that while you will be able to take readymade cartons for the first flight you won't be able to get them through security for the second flight as they are more than 100 ml

PatriciaHolm Mon 18-Mar-13 10:51:52

remember a set of clothes for you too! on the return flight from Sydney I didn't, DD threw up about an hour in and I spent 24 hours in Virgin Atlantic pyjamas....

CheungFun Mon 18-Mar-13 09:32:01

We went to Hong Kong and Tokyo with our DS when he was 10 months old. We took plenty of snacks for him, like raisins, rice cakes, dried fruit. We also took two sets of spare clothes in case of poo leakages! We took a couple of favourite books and a couple of toys.

We booked a bassinet, and although DS didn't use it much to sleep in (preferred to sleep over my shoulder) it did provide lots of extra legroom and space for DS to sit on the floor and play.

On each flight we were always sat next to another family so the babies just entertained each other and grabbed toys and snacks from each other too!

We used a sling for going through the airports and we also took our buggy so we had options! The buggy can be checked in at the gate before you board the plane and if you're stopping over they can arrange for it to meet you at the door while you wait for your next flight.

I won't lie, milk was a pain in the backside, we took cartons of milk and sterilised bottles on board, plus a bottle brush and washing up liquid so that we wouldn't have to worry about having boiled water etc.

With the time difference, we just slept when we arrived in Hong Kong as we were knackered and co-slept with DS. We just took him to bed when we were tired, and we all woke up at 2am Hong Kong time anyway, so we just got up, gave DS some milk and a snack and let him play for an hour, then went back to bed. We found the best thing was to feed him a good sized meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if he woke in the night to go with the flow. It wasn't too bad at all, I think by day 3 we all slept through and adjusted to the time.

HariboAndWine Mon 18-Mar-13 09:19:55

Sorry 8 months I see. Just a couple of favourite toys maybe. We didn't use half of what we took with us. We got through lots of snacks with our 3 year old too

HariboAndWine Mon 18-Mar-13 09:17:56

We have just got back from nz last week. We travelled with a 3 year old and 5 month old. Firstly can I say it was so so much easier than we were expecting. How old is your baby? We had a bassinet for 3 of our 4 flights which was a godsend. Our baby slept a lot as the plane was mostly in darkness and we just tried to keep the time at our destination in mind when feeding and did wake her to ensure she slept at the right time when we got there. A baby wrap was really useful too. Good luck smile

AimsJD Mon 18-Mar-13 09:06:04

Hi, my husband and I are taking our 8month old son to NewZealand on Wednesday, leaving from Newcastle, stopping in Dubai for around 10hours then on to NZ. I'm quite anxious about keeping our son happy and entertained for so long. Has anyone any tips please? Also I am worried about changing his day and night from England to NZ, can anyone suggest what is best to do?

Thank you

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