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Another question for going to Oz

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permaquandry Sun 17-Mar-13 20:41:06

I have looked on all the official links for australia and cannot find conclusive info about prescription meds.

I have 2 x tablet meds on prescription and one liquid med (under 100mls)

Docs have printed me off a repeat prescription form detailing the meds and their amounts, will this suffice? Will I need a letter?

Also, on the shelf chemist goods and otc meds such as germolene, canesten (nice) and sudocreme, do they need to be in hand luggage (under 100mls) AND declared? Or can they happily go in hold luggage?

Thanks, as always. Never travelled out of Europe so am a novice but want to get it right.

specialsubject Sun 17-Mar-13 22:25:15

last bit first - medication is subject to the liquids, gels and pastes rules, so the stuff in tubes can go in hand luggage if it is in the plastic bag. No limit in hold luggage BUT anything that would be a nuisance to lose should stay with you. Of course they have chemists in Australia but who wants to be looking for one if you aren't feeling well?

your prescription stuff MUST be in hand luggage and should be fine. But do check the rules for anywhere that you have a stopover.

save space by taking just a small amount of sun cream and buy it there.

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