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Florida - August or October?

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flatmum Wed 06-Mar-13 21:56:11

Hi there planning a trip to Disney this year. When is the best time to go? I wa a initially thinking October half term but now thinking of August (end for crowds?).

Anyone have any advice which might be best? I really can't some sun and we are good with the heat, so it's mainly about crowds and cost.

Shodan Wed 06-Mar-13 22:12:46

We went a few years ago for the last two weeks of the summer holidays and last year for the middle of the summer holidays. The last two weeks of summer were definitely better- smaller crowds and the heat had the edge taken off it. It did rain nearly every afternoon, but the showers are short and you can buy ponchos everywhere ( I think we got cheap ones from the supermarket).

I've never been in October though, so hopefully someone will come along who is better equipped to compare the two.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 07-Mar-13 07:15:12

August tends to be both hot and humid interspersed with sharp but brief thunderstorms.

October would probably be cheaper; certainly would do a price comparison for both August and October.

andadietcoke Thu 07-Mar-13 07:24:25

We went last two weeks of August. The US schools are back so it was much quieter. Longest we queued for anything at Universal was about 45 mins. We had storms most days but it didn't affect what we did too much - we'd just get out and about in the morning and then in the afternoon go supermarket shopping or to the malls. The storms passed quickly so even if we were in the pool they didn't bother us too much. We did have to get prepared for a hurricane that luckily passed us by in the end though!

MOSagain Thu 07-Mar-13 07:53:09

As late to the end of August you can go would be better than earlier in the month as the American kids will be back at school and also most european visitors will have hopefully gone home by then.
It will be hot and humid and you must be prepared for sudden thunderstorms.

October can be nice, have been several times in October. Sometimes lovely and warm others a bit cooler. A few years ago we went to one of the water parks and it was lovely, a read sunblock day. The next day we went and the park employees were all wearing woolly gloves and we only lasted an hour.

October will almost certainly be cheaper but if you've got school age DC won't they only have 1 week half-term?

flatmum Thu 07-Mar-13 09:16:17

thanks for the great advice, ill do a cost comparison for both I think. my dc are lucky and get 2 weeks in october so that would be possible - really fancy some hot weather though, havent been away for awhile.

dont think the hot and humid puts me off too much and if the storms are brief not sure thats a problem. could probably do without the hurricanes though!

now next question for costings - disney hotel or non-disney hotel nearby? think we have ruled out villas as have young children so could do with more facilities and maybe kids club etc. DC are 8 5 2, all will be close to next birthday when we go.

MOSagain Thu 07-Mar-13 12:55:29

To be honest we always stay in villas so hopefully someone who has stayed in hotels can help but I'm not sure I've ever seen any hotels with kids clubs (if you mean the sort that you can leave them in for a few hours at a time) I'm guessing they think all the family will be off doing stuff.

Even though you say not villas,, there are quite a few villas which are on neighbourhoods where they have clubhouses and communal pools (ie Windsor Hills/Rolling Hills) so that might be an option?

mummytime Thu 07-Mar-13 13:14:34

Do also be aware that US Hotels don't usually include meals in the standard package. I find having a villa where you can stretch out, and one kid can have a nap whilst others play in the pool or flop in front of the TV works better for us.

Groovee Thu 07-Mar-13 13:59:56

October is warm but not too hot.

The only disney hotels I know with kids clubs are the deluxe ones. Never heard of any off site with any.

I'd recommend Port Orleans Riverside as a lovely hotel where 5 can share a room. There's a good choice food court and a bar which was relaxing. You'd get extra magic hours which could let you do the parks early then return to swim at the hotel. Or look into the disney Villa hotels or the ones which have suites. They have laundries in the hotels where you do your washing. Usually next to the Pool, so I used to put a load on while we swam and then empty it from the machine into the dryer. It meant we could take less stuff with us and it was easy enough to fit into the swim time.

We're staying in a Villa for the first time this year. I couldn't contemplate 14 nights in the same room as the kids now they are older. Last time when dd was 7, dh woke up at 3am and found her watching Hannah Montana on the TV as that series had not come out in the UK yet!!!

Also the Dibb website and disboards are fab for advice too.

suebfg Tue 09-Apr-13 21:15:00

October is great for visiting the parks, not too hot. You might catch the tail end of a hurricane - we were there when Sandy passed last year but as it passed by sea, it was just cooler and windier for a few days (which isn't such a bad thing for the parks).

We found October half term to be even quieter than when we last visited outside of school holidays (February). Plus Halloween is a great time to visit as the parks will be themed - thoroughly recommend the Mickey Not So Scary Halloween party.

We stayed here - fantastic place for families and great rooms. Check out the reviews on Tripadvisor.

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