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Anyone been to Orlando in August? - worried about hurricanes!!!

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Perriwinkle Sun 24-Feb-13 22:34:24

We are very keen to go but are tied to August for a number of reasons.

Have researched and Googled loads about hurricanes in Florida and the weather there generally (and am happy to cope with flash thunderstorms that clear up in an hour or two) but am scared shitless about the prospect of hurricanes which could cause damage to life and limb!

I've tried to rationalise it all, having read loads of posts on various forums from people who've lived in the area for years and say they can only count on three fingers the amount hurricanes they've experienced but am still worried - I am a real worrywort!

I know that in Orlando is as far inland from both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts as you can get so you'd be more likely to experience the weather that the hurricanes bring with them rather than experience the eye of the storm so to speak. Nevertheless, despite all the rationalising, and even my 12 yr old DS trying to desperately convince me that it's highly unlikely that we'll get caught up in anything catastrophic, I'm still feeling wobbly about it all. He's told me that he'll never forgive me if I jibber out over something that might not even happen!! He's watched videos of hurricane footage on YouTube and is of the view "YOLO" (all the kids say that now) and that it would be a tale to tell when we got home even if we did encounter something. I'm of the view that we might not be alive to tell any such tale!!

And then there's flying through weather associated with a hurricane, although I'm not so daft that I don't reaslise they cancel flights if there is a severe threat to life.

So, although I am fully well aware this whole hurricane scenario is very unpredictable, what I'm looking for is tales from people who have travelled to Orlando during the hurricane season June to November (and particularly August when I've read that 50% of hurricanes occur) and what their experiences have been.

Am I worrying too much and getting it all way out of proporation? We're looking at staying in Davenport.

Blondie1984 Sun 24-Feb-13 22:46:09

I have been to Florida every august for many years and in that time I think there have been 2 hurricanes - the first one went over without us even noticing - was just like a very windy night.
The second one, the power went out for a few hours but we played dominoes and went to bed.
They are used to them over there that when they happen they know exactly what to do and, if you go, they will be able to make sure you have what you need to stay safe. I honestly wouldn't let the chance of a hurricane stop you going

Groovee Mon 25-Feb-13 11:50:29

On our honeymoon in 1998 we got the tail end of Hurricane Mitch. It rained for 2 full days. That was it. We were still able to do things and it didn't stop us bar having to buy some rain poncho's cos we were so wet.

EightToSixer Mon 25-Feb-13 11:55:24

August is a great time to go ime. We got there at the end of hurricane Isaac, but it was just a bit of warm rain and grey skies, didn't stop us doing anything. After that we had ten days of pure sunshine with no rain at all.
Disney does well with inclement weather, humidity, queues, heat, rain etc.
Don't waste valuable planning and excitement time worrying about something that may not happen. Have a blast.

mummytime Mon 25-Feb-13 12:14:45

We went at the end of August which is a great time as the Florida kids go back to school. We watched a Hurricane form in the Carribean, come towards Flirida and then turn north, so totally missed it and went north, hitting the Carolina's and points north. You get plenty of warning (days) and Orlando isn't too likely to flood.

I would happily go again at that time of year.

The biggest effect on us, was we brought forward a trip to NASA in case the roads there were closed. Oh and getting bored by TV coverage of the storm when nothing much was happening.

absentmindeddooooodles Mon 25-Feb-13 12:42:28

ive been to orlando for 2 1/2 weeks in august. No hurricanes to report.......There were storms.....lots of thunder and lightning pretty much once a day for an hour or so if that, and rain. One second beautiful sunshine, then the next thing it feels like buckets being poured over your head. But really this is not a bad thing. It is HOT!!! like really hot, and a bit of rain was so so welcome. lol. Plus you literally dry out in a matter of minutes. Its crazy. To tell you the truth i was a little worried about the whole hurricane thing, but i know so many people who have been there every year in august for as long as they can remember, and i think onl one of then ever even caught a hint of a hurricane. Id try not to worry about it. Have a lovely time, enjoy yourself, and when you get back, youll wonder why you were worrying so much :D hope you have a great time!

Perriwinkle Mon 25-Feb-13 15:31:26

Oh thank you all so much. You've done a great job in helping me to put it all into persepctive. grin.

I'm planning to tell my DS after school that I'm done with all my rationalising and I'm happy to go ahead and book - he'll be thrilled!!

Just hope that after all my procrastiating the accommodation we'd earmarked is still available.

Heavywheezing Mon 25-Feb-13 15:48:26

I have to Florida more than 20 times, mostly in August or September.

I have only been to Florida once when there was a hurricane. It wasn't bad at all. Like a warm wind! The doors rattled a bit. Seriously, it was like a windy day here. We went to Disney next day and no queues.and we stayed at the coast.and as you say Orlando is in coast so likely hood of hurricanes coming across from either side is remote.

Also we were the last flight in to Tampa before it was all closed. So they wouldn't fly into Florida if they know a hurricane is forecast.

September is more hurricane season.

All the damage we ever saw was a tree up routed on international drive.

Btw, they look after tourists if there's a hurricane.they don't want anything happening to you.

Perriwinkle Mon 25-Feb-13 18:55:11

All booked now. grin

DS is thrilled and sooo excited. He'll be there for his birthday too!! Now we can spend time planning and looking forward to it!

So now look out for me chocking up the boards driving everyone spare with endless questions about Florida between now and August!!

You have been warned...

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