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Is it worth paying more for Premium Economy on a flight?

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MrsPresley Wed 20-Feb-13 09:51:54

I want to go to Memphis, either this year or next year.

Was looking at flights with BA, which means going Edinburgh - London - Chicago - Memphis, in total roughly 17/18 hours.

London to Chicago is around 8.30 hours. Booking Premium Economy will cost around £800 extra and will also mean I have to wait till next year sad I'm impatient and want to go NOW

Is it worth paying for the extras? I'm thinking more of the extra space with the seats, also this will be my once in a lifetime holiday and I've waited years to go, so do I make the most of it, go later and travel a bit more comfortably or do I go this year and save some money and have more to spend on Elvis stuff

BettyandDon Thu 21-Feb-13 19:28:55

I think PE is useless. I didn't notice any difference to economy on BA. I think you need business or above for a truly comfortable flight.

For me comfort = a seat big enough to curl up and kip in!

AllSWornOut Thu 21-Feb-13 19:43:11

Whether PE is worth the money does depend on the airline to some extent but if it means the difference between going this year for your 50th or putting it off until next year then I probably wouldn't bother. Unless an upgrade on the way back won't break the bank.

Some US airlines have PE but it's generally only a pitch (legroom) increase and free alcoholic drinks rather than a completely different seat.

That said, it might be worth looking into booking business class on the US domestic sector. That's going to be a long flight after a transatlantic flight and they do treat you a bit more nicely ime.

kalidanger Thu 21-Feb-13 21:20:53

I have to agree that if the destination is the special treat then spend the money on that. Not many of us can easily afford First, Business or Upper class for a personal break and as others have said its not that much better than economy. Especially on Virgin. Their brand image is fab but the actual product (experience) isn't anything to write home about.

Going aaaallll that way in a day is going to be miserable a challenge however you do it. So spend the money in Memphis, maybe a fantastic hotel? smile

kalidanger Thu 21-Feb-13 21:24:24

God, sorry. I've been waffling on about first and business blah.

PassTheTwiglets Wed 27-Feb-13 09:18:44

Have a look at standard seats with extra legroom... Virgin do this, not sure about others... that was about £20 extra each way and WELL worth it.

Nervousfirsttimer Wed 27-Feb-13 09:32:41

We did this trip last year and it was awesome! We flew with united an the flight service was pretty awful however they do fast track you through ohare if your connecting flight is with the same airline and tight turn round. However while we made the plane, it luggage did not and we did not get it till the next day. If you do this option take spare pants in your hand luggage!

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