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4 week SE Asia trip with 2 and 4 year olds - need recommendations!

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Suchanamateur Sun 17-Feb-13 10:43:04

We are planning a once in a lifetime trip next Dec - March to NZ and SouthEast Asia with our 2 smalls. I think we'll be away 10 weeks or so - 6 of which will definitely be in NZ as we have lots of family there. But then we'd like to do a bit of adventuring in SE Asia in the final 4 weeks.

I've been to Thailand years ago in young single days, and my husband to Cambodia - ditto - but we've never done exciting trips with kids or know the area v well. I think we're looking at maximum 4/5 places so we're not constantly moving and can do a fair bit of pottering.

Anyone got good itinery tips and/or general SE Asia with kids thoughts? Hugely gratefully received. Am v excited about the whole thing but also a bit daunted!

nextphase Sun 17-Feb-13 18:36:56

No real advice, but we've got 3 weeks in HK coming up with very nearly 2 and very nearly 4 year old.
Been before with the oldest (18mths at the time), and he adored it all. Ate everything put in front of him (we usually eat local)- we have some very cute photos of him trying to eat with chopsticks.

This time were going to try a few days on the beaches with them as well. What about switching from city to beach and back again?

Sounds like a fab time. Enjoy it!

Shanghaidiva Wed 20-Feb-13 13:08:21

Singapore is great for kids - espeically the zoo and the night safari. Also very clean and great food - sanitised Asia!
I have been to most countries in SE Asia:
Sabah in Borneo is great for kids - you can go to the Orang Utan Sanctuary, nice islands just off the coast with great beaches and not crowded during the week.
Hong Kong - Disney - small and ideal for the under 10s. Great city, fab food and loads to do.
Cambodia - your kids may find it too hot and not interesting enough for them. I took my son when he was 8, but left 3 year old dd at home. You will need a visa for here.
Thailand - Phuket is popular - but go the north of the island - Marriot or Indigo Pearl near the airport. Great beaches, food, interesting temples.
Bali - beautiful island and Ubud in the centre is v interesting. If you want a beach location friends of mine always go to Nusa Dua.
Sounds like a great tirp.

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