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EAST COAST USA: Washington and down into North carolina

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Hulababy Mon 04-Feb-13 20:16:35

Anyone been in that area?
Any recommendations or thoughts/suggestions?

It's for me, Dh and DD (who will be 11y).

We are currently looking at US East Coast - flying to Washington and then a road trip into North Carolina, visiting Myrtle Beach, etc and flying back from Charlotte or Atlanta.

(It's been a long decision here - have ruled out South Africa as not warm enough and now hoping to go there next Easter, and ruled out Far East, Thailand, Singapore, etc due to wet season)

IamtheZombie Mon 04-Feb-13 20:25:46

Zombie is originally from central Virginia. How long will you have?

A day or two in Washington DC.

A day or two in Charlottesville, VA (Zombie's home town) home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence. His home, Monticello, is well worth a visit. A few hours up on the Skyline Drive.

Two or three days in the Williamsburg / Jamestown / Yorktown area. Colonial Williamsburg is fascinating. Jamestown is the site of the first permanent British settlement in the New World. Yorktown is the site of the surrender of Gen. Cornwallis, ending the war for Independence.

Then down along the North Carolina coast. Pop over onto the Outer Banks.

That's as far as Zombie's personal knowledge takes her but she's happy to give any more info on the suggestions she's made if you'd like.

Hulababy Mon 04-Feb-13 20:28:40

14 nights, 10-24th August.

Hulababy Mon 04-Feb-13 20:29:52

Thanks. Will have a look at each of those places. Only just started this consideration this evening, so still throwing ideas about.

IamtheZombie Mon 04-Feb-13 20:34:43

It will be very hot and most probably very humid in mid-August!

Merrylegs Mon 04-Feb-13 20:34:56

We go to Charleston every Easter and have done it lots of ways including flying into DC and driving down via Williamsburg and Durham. I much prefer flying out of Charlotte than Atlanta. Go on the Rand Mcnally website and you can plan your trip - it has really good maps and you can add stop off points.

Lovemynailstoday Mon 04-Feb-13 20:36:54

Def do Skyline drive and stay the night at one of the lodges. Give Myrtle beach a miss(too crowded and Blackpool like) and head for the Outerbanks (best kept secret for family hols in US).

Sam100 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:53:36

Beaufort, NC is a really pretty sea side town and was the home of Blackbeard allegedly. It is at the start of a series of islands that form the outer banks. Big lighthouse on one of them - I think cape hatteras?

NatashaBee Mon 04-Feb-13 21:04:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Wed 06-Feb-13 21:51:51

Don't mind the hot and humid. Have done Florida a few times in August.

Hulababy Wed 06-Feb-13 21:52:51

Thanks all. Will look at them all tomorrow

CMOTDibbler Wed 06-Feb-13 21:54:58

Are you really from C'ville Zombie? I go there lots and its a lovely town. Great secondhand book shops.

IamtheZombie Wed 06-Feb-13 22:21:12

Yes, I am, CMOT. Grew up on a farm about 10 miles outside of the city and then lived in town from the age of 18 until I moved to the UK when I was 30.

hootiemcboob Sat 09-Feb-13 17:16:17

Myrtle Beach is Blackpool with palmetto trees - Charleston is lovely!

homebythesea Mon 11-Feb-13 09:43:17

Consider a stop in Virginia Beach if you fancy sand and sea and relaxing for a couple of dads- only about 3 hrs from DC. You could also take in Busch Gardens if you are into theme parks. DC is fab and I agree you must go to Outer Banks and Roanoke- fantastic history and so pretty. Williamsburg worth a day trip too

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