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Oz in April - what to pack?!

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kelly14 Tue 22-Jan-13 15:45:28

after living in sydney for 3 years and i am also going in march/april for a month, i would say dont get excited about clothes shopping! even kmart and target which is cheapo places the clothes are the price of next/monsoon! Poor quality also.
so unless your going designer or boutiques which will be $$$$$$ then not the best place for clothes!

Rocks market of a weekend is great, by circular quay. Great unique gifts etc
Paddys market has cheapish clothes but they are market clothes quality.

permaquandry Mon 21-Jan-13 22:27:08

Should have said, just staying in sydney. Won't be a hiking/sight seeing tour, as such, will be visiting family and friends, taking 4 and 7 year old, so will be lots of kids oriented days out, dinners etc.

I love clothes and shopping, am I going to be curbed by dh if exchange rate not good?

specialsubject Mon 21-Jan-13 21:24:36

Big place, NSW. Sydney shows warm by UK standards (low to mid twenties). But presumably you are visiting more than Sydney, Blue Mountains for instance will be a LOT cooler.

best bet for travelling light is backpacker-style layers. 2 pairs travel-type trousers (zip off legs are good but not essential), a pair or two of long cotton shorts, t-shirts, fleeces (not sweatshirts or jumpers). No jeans. Three pairs shoes; hiking shoes, trainers, flip flops. One skirt, a few tops. Nightwear. Plenty of underwear and socks. Toiletries, documents, medication, electronics. Swimwear if a suitable beach or pool beckons.

That will do for months with laundry, and needs no ironing. Of course Australia does have shops, but with current exchange rate you'll want to minimise that.

permaquandry Mon 21-Jan-13 20:10:51

So, all booked. Now just wondering what sort of weather it will be in NSW in late March, early April?

Will it be summer dresses and shorts in day and long trousers/jeans during the eve or will it be too cool for that?

I want to travel as light as poss but I have never been on a holiday other than to the med in early summer, for this I pack summer dresses for daytime and lightweight dresses/shorts for eve, so basically no heavy jeans/jackets etc.

Will have access to washing machine but other than underwear, don't fancy doing much washing and ironing etc.

Thx, as always!

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