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New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles - tips please

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Pitmountainpony Fri 11-Jan-13 06:01:12

How old are your kids?

The Getty centre and Getty villa. Both free you just pay to park.15 bucks per to reserve parking at the villa . Amazing views, delicious cafe with great views.....under ten bucks a meal. Free walking tours.
The observatory
Universal studios.80 bucks each but a good day out.
In the summer the egyptian theatre does sat morning screenings of kid movies at 25 cents each......
Hollywood and highland centre is cheap parking if you validate in one of the cafes or shops.... 4 bucks.
The walk on boardwalk from Santa Monica to Venice
The annenburg beach house.....lovely outdoor pool....ten bucks each but Monday's in summer kids are free.....access to gym included in this
Free tickets to a lot of shows like jay Leno or jimmy kimmel...Ellen show...just google them or find network websites

You can hike up to the back of the Hollywood sign....takes 3 hours but lovely hike.
Driving along mulholland drive.......great views
Griffith park has three open air mini railways... A few bucks to ride so sweet for kids and ponies for the same.
Whale watching down at balboa....uncle Davey,s locker often do groupons....15$ per cruise.
Check living social for deals for la too.
San capistrano mission is lovely
Laguna beach
Crystal cove

Zuma beach is where bay watch was filmed and point dune beach is lovely too.

The hollywood bowl does amazing open air concerts in the low as 15 bucks each n you can take your own wine and picnic.

All theses chain can eat as a family for between 15 and 30 dollars for all of you
Panda express
Soup plantation
Sharkeys ....mexican
In and out burger

Trader joes does great food to cook with or just tasty pies....takeout salads?
Hope that is an amazing city with loads to accessed with a will have the best time. August and September too hot......October and November or spring is best here.

Tasmania Fri 11-Jan-13 00:11:00

Lovely trip... other suggestions as follows:

New York
- With kids? How old? If you want to do sth. not too touristy, New Yorker's love to go here... Children's Museum

Las Vegas
- Sunset Ride (on horse) with BBQ. Gives you a chance to live the city behind and just think you're back in the Wild West. Look at this

Los Angeles
- Watch a movie at The El Capitan Theatre. Magic.
- The Observatory

Depending on kids' ages, I would suggest buying tickets to a very American sports match in LA (not sure what season that would be, but Basketball/American Football/Baseball) to just get into the "American spirit".

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 10-Jan-13 11:21:49

Some things to do in NYC

Visit the Ground Zero site and reflecting pools
Rockefeller Centre - good views from the top particularly on clear days
A visit to the Radio City Music Hall
(there is a great cupcake bakery nearby as well which is always packed out)
Empire State Building (authorised people sell tickets outside so lines can be shorter if you buy from them)
Walk through Central Park
Museum of Modern Art
Guggenheim Museum
Walking along Fifth Avenue
Riding the Staten Island Ferry (free)
A visit to Macys
Times Square
Seeing a Broadway show

Some general counsel:-
Forget Area 51 altogether; its about a 3 hour drive away from LV, you will be closely observed if you go anywhere near any restricted area (not always clearly marked). You will not see anything of any real interest and you could well end up getting arrested for your pains if you trespass.

I would not use a car in LV but instead walk, use taxis, ride the monorail that runs between the MGM Grand and the Hilton or public transport instead; road traffic can be horrendous on the Strip.

Where are you going to stay in LV?.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and the Fashion Valley shopping mall are also worth a visit as is a trip to the outlet malls to the north and south of LV.

A trip to the Valley of Fire state park is well worth a visit; some companies do a day tour there (Pink Jeeps is one). You learn more that way as well from the guides about the place and the wildlife.

Hollywood Blvd is also a bit of a dive especially to the south of Manns Chinese theatre. Not glamorous at all.

It will take you around 3-4 hours to drive to San Diego Zoo; its a long way to go there for a day. Also you ideally need 2 days to make the most of the zoo as well, a lot of it is steep slopes and can be hard going in the heat.

Tijuana is a dump of a place; avoid at all costs. Again a long drive from where you will be staying in LA. You would be better off exploring more districts of LA instead.

TotallyBS Thu 10-Jan-13 09:24:01

- Lunch in NY Chinatown. There is a whole street with shops openly selling fake designer stuff, if that is your thing. Next door is Little Italy.

- Ground Zero ie former site of the World Trade Centre.

- Ellis Island (arrival terminal for immigrants 100 years ago)

- Cruise around Manhattan with drop off at Statue of Liberty (long queue alert)

- Horse carriage ride thru Central Park but be aware it is expensive and short so not IMO VFM.

Re Las Vegas the days of the cheap buffet at the top end hotels is gone but even so, they are still VFM when you compare the prices to a 'proper' restaurant.

Sit yourself at the gambling tables/machines and look as if you are gambling if you want free drinks from the hovering waitresses smile You are expected to tip a $1 a drink.

The casinos offer free sessions where they teach you Craps (the dice game). It's a lot of fun and if you want to play for real your money last longer than Blackjack or Roulette.

The Grand Canyon. You can take a day trip from LV or stop by, if you are driving from LV to LA.

In LA you can drive or take a bus over to Mexico. Cheap shopping to be had if you don't mind being hassled by 'enthusiastic' shop keepers and beggars.

Rodeo Drive is a nice place to people watch. Maybe you an spot a celeb.

Bus tour of Beverly Hills is worth the money just to hear the stories about he old Hollywood stars.

gregssausageroll Thu 10-Jan-13 09:13:36

I'd ditch the car hire at Vegas. Honestly. There is so much to see just on the strip and you only have 4 days. If you want to do anything outwith Vegas then a day trip to the canyon is worth every penny.

Fountains at Belagio of an evening, gondola ride in the Venetian and walking round the mall at ceasars. Most of all in Vegas just wander. See the casinos. They are massive. We spent a week in Vegas and could easily go back and see more.

ShannyS Thu 10-Jan-13 08:48:05

Starting off in New York (manhatten) for 3 days in March - any tips of where/what to eat, prices of main attractions, general advice much appreciated.

Then off to Las Vegas for 4 days - here we pick up a car and are staying on the strip. Again - any must see's - money saving tips - general advice much appreciated.

Then we're off to Los Angeles for a week staying in a villa. We'll still have the car here, staying Venice area - any tips at all welcome!

So far we have planned

Rockafella center (NY)
Museum of Natural History (NY)
Central Park (NY)

No idea with Vegas other than a bit of driving out to area 51/red rock/deserty stuff

Universal Studios (LA)
Hollywood (LA)
Venice/Santa Monica beaches (LA)
San Diego zoo

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