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Anyone want to buy my 14 day Universal Studios tickets? Need of be used by middle of Jan...

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plipplops Tue 04-Dec-12 01:09:35

We're staying at WDW at the moment, and DD has decided she's scared of all rides (think we ruined her by taking her on the Dinosaur ride, not one for the weaker willed child!) We bought Universal tickets (2 adult, 2 child 14 day tickets) before we came, and are now considering not going as she's probably going to hate it. But they were quite expensive and if we can't get any cash back for them it seems like a waste not to go. We're home on the 9th, and I wondered if any of you are going and want to buy them off us? I could post them first class on the 10th, the fortnight of use needs to start before the 31st Dec. I was thinking £250 for them?? Please can you let me know ASAP if you're interested as if we do use them it'll be soon... Thanks!

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