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V-lounge at Gatwick (and Orlando??)

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plipplops Fri 02-Nov-12 11:16:43

We're flying to Orlando with DDs (4 and 5) in a few weeks. Anyone done the Virgin Lounge and is it worth it? Not sure if we can get in anyway as not staying with Virgin only flying with them, but DH has a loyalty card thing so it might work. It'll be £65 for all of us but says you get a special efficient security channel or something, plus food and drink and stuff for the kids.

We're flying out at lunchtime, and home again in the evening.

Have any of you done it? Is it worth it (do you actually get through security etc quicker)? Do you know if there's one in Orlando? DDs love looking at planes so I'm tempted to not do the lounge and just put them next to a window somewhere, but if security etc is much less hassle I think I'd pay the money...??

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 02-Nov-12 14:56:01


What sort of loyalty card does your H have?. That could have some bearing re lounge access. If it is anything other than a gold card then I think you will be denied access (they also seem to operate the one guest rule like BA). Your other problem is that you are flying with VA and have not booked the holiday through Virgin Holidays.

Here is some more info for you:-

Virgin Atlantic have full Clubhouse facilities at the following airports:

London Heathrow
London Gatwick
New York JFK
New York Newark
Washington DC
San Francisco
Hong Kong

Passengers requiring access to the Clubhouse must be flying with Virgin Atlantic on the day of entry. To gain entrance to the Clubhouse the passenger must have one of the following:
- an Upper Class boarding card;
- a Flying Club Gold card;
- a Gold card of selected other airlines' frequent flier programmes;
- a UK American Express Centurion card (black card with numbers starting 3742);
- a Flying Co. access voucher (London Heathrow & London Gatwick only);
- a Virgin Holidays pre-paid clubhouse access voucher (London Heathrow & London Gatwick only)

When travel has been booked through Virgin Holidays and is not in Upper Class, vouchers for London Heathrow & London Gatwick Clubhouse access can be pre-booked for the sum of £60 & £35 respectively. See the Virgin Holidays website for further details. Note, this is strictly subject to availability

For further information on Flying Co., please see the Virgin Atlantic website for further details. A V-Flyer FAQ will be written on this subject soon.

Upper Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members can bring a guest into the lounge with them (providing the guest is flying with Virgin Atlantic that day), but entry by any of the other methods mentioned does not entitle guest access.

Virgin do not have their own lounge at Orlando but share it with BA and Delta. The Delta Sky Club is located in Airside 4 (Gates 60-99) in the centre atrium after security but that is available as far as I know to Upper (on VA) or First/Club World (on BA) pax only.

plipplops Fri 02-Nov-12 17:04:39

Arse. He's got a red Flying Club card (he doesn't fly that much at all, just picked it up along the way ages ago...) It's not looking good I don't think sad

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