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Flying with Ethiad to Oz with an infant

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Mintie190 Thu 01-Nov-12 13:57:05

Hi, I've booked to fly to Melbourne with my DD who will be 20 months at the time of travel and my DH. I've done the trip lots of times as I am Australian but only once with my DD. We are flying Ethiad this time around and I was just looking at our booking and noticed that I have been given a seat in the row with bassinets and my husband is sitting elsewhere. I rang to ask why we are not sitting togther and they said that the row with bassinets is reserved for people travelling with infants. Even if the whole family is travelling on the same booking, it's only the person on whose ticket the infant has been put onto who will get the seat in that row.

My DD will be too big for the bassinet by that time (she barely fitted in the Emirates one 12 months ago) but I like travelling in that row anyway as you get the extra leg room and my DD will be able to move around a bit more. But, I'm not looking forward to the prospect of having sole charge of her while my DH is a few rows away. It's a particularly stupid policy given that there is only 1 bassinet per 2 seats anyway so it's not as if everyone in that row could use a bassinet anyway!!

They said that I could ask at check in for my DH to be seated with us but just wondering if anyone else has had experience travelling on Ethiad with an infant (below 2 years age) and if their DH/DP has been given a seat next to them in the bassinet row. I know it most likely depends on availability and as we are flying around Christmas time, availability will be limited. I can't understand why they split up families in this way and wouldn't have booked with them if I had known this was the case.


MrsCantSayAnything Thu 01-Nov-12 23:24:03

I would call again tbh and ask to speak to a manager. It's crap that is. I fly to Oz with children and that is just a stupid way to manage things. You're a family!

gregssausageroll Sun 04-Nov-12 22:09:43

This is common. They need to be careful if there is a parent travelling with an infant and other children. Happens lots.

It is unlikely that your 20 month old will fit the bassinet anyway. Can you book a seat instead?

gregssausageroll Sun 04-Nov-12 22:11:41

Sorry misread that. Read you know about not fitting the bassinet.

You would therefore be better off in a row of 3 yourselves. You can raise the armrests which you can't do in the bassinet row.

gregssausageroll Sun 04-Nov-12 22:12:06

The bassinet row can also go to people with a disability.

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