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Moving to Sydney for 6 months with 5 month old - help with packing and any general tips!

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carolyn24 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:32:00

Hi all - I am moving from the UK to Sydney for 6 months in January with my husband and baby who will be 5 months old at the time. Feel rather clueless about what types of clothes baby will need from January to July. Everyone keeps telling me how expensive Sydney so i'd like to bring a selection of basic clothing essentials with for baby. Any advice about types of clothing to bring? eg here he sleeps in a vest and babygrow - what type of sleepwear would be best for January? Should I bring warm jacket for later months? Will shorts and t shirts be ok for first few months? or should also bring jeans/cord trousers/some jumpers as well? Any other bits of info you feel would be helpful would be much appreciated. We are planning to live somewhere in/near Coogee if we can find somewhere to rent there.

SaBearOz Wed 31-Oct-12 19:36:42

Hi, January- March can be quite hot in Sydney days of upwards to 35c but if you get to live near Coogee (lucky u!) then at least you will get a nice sea breeze or easterly storm that will often mean cooler evenings that means you can sleep. march onwards can get quite cooler and by June you probably will need a coat (the weather we are experiencing in London now in Oct is similar to that in June in Sydney). But it won't be cold by Uk standards.
In my experience baby clothes aren't that expensive in Oz if you try the major dept stores/ chains like Best & Less, Kmart, Big W and Cotton On but I would suggest taking the following:
You will need t- shirts and shorts for the summer months but may also have days where you need longer jeans/ trousers and a few jumpers (3 max I would suggest).
You will still need baby grows and vests but you may find that when you have hot days they just wear the vest and a nappy.
My biggest tip is if you use a sleeping bag too purchase a summer bag (under 1 tog) as this will come in handy for the warmer months.
Sydney is expensive for other things like food and rent but the climate and outdoors make it a nice place to walk the pram.
HTH, I am heading back with my 9 month old for a 3 week flying visit and would love to stay longer

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