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Across the US / Canada on a train with young kids...

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pointtopoint Tue 30-Oct-12 20:50:54

... Last year, my children (then aged 2 and [just] 4) did Lands End to John O'Groats by train. Was BRILLIANT fun!

DS is badgering me to do another trip.

After quite a lot of thought... I have come up with this:

New York - Chicago. (Lake shore limited... big deal in train-land)
Chicago - SF (Califonian Zephyr... which if you are a bit train obsessed is a bit of a big deal!)
From SF, we'd go up to Vancouver, and then back across Canada, to Toronto... Niagara Falls and back to NY...

So... good people on MN... What do I need to see on the way? The Grand CAnyon? The Rockies? What's unmissable if you are 3 and [just] 5??

DS (who will be 5, but only just, is train obsessed, so that will be enough for him... ) but DD (who will be nearly 4) would like some other stuff. Animals are a favourite!

ANy advice much appreciated.

pointtopoint Thu 01-Nov-12 15:44:10

Oh, see... they would LOVE that... I don't think it's a great issue to pop Washington DC on the itinerary and spend less time in Chicago.

I do like the idea of seeing the Whales. DD has never seen whales. SHe has touched a Dolphin, but never seen a whale smile

Honestly, I'm trying to allow enough time to make sure we can gather infomation on all the places we plan to stop. I find it better, with DS, to plan things so I know where we are going / what we are doing... but right now... it's open to the gods!! grin

Sulfur Thu 01-Nov-12 15:53:03

Our last trip to North America was three weeks to Toronto. We spent much of it visiting relatives, but the touristy things we did was:

Half a day downtown, where we mooched around the Eaton Centre and bought nothing. Lunch.

A day in Niagara Falls - looking at the Falls, having lunch in a swanky high rise restaurant. We were planning a boat trip but the heavens opened very spectacularly, so we left earlier than planned.

Lunch at Chuck E Cheese and Dave & Busters (2 different days) - just ordinary American things to do.

A week at a resort in the Muskoka Lakes (2 - 3 hours north of Toronto).

A hike in an Ontario Provincial Park

A day at a water park in downtown Toronto.

We didn't do the CN Tower this time (have done it when my parents visited us from the UK). It was quite pricey when I checked and none of the kids were that bothered. Another good thing to see in Toronto, especially if the weather isn't great, is the Ontario Science Museum. I liked it, anyway, when I first went there 30 years ago, when there weren't many science museums in the UK. The Royal Ontario Museum is meant to be good too, although I have never been.

Another good thing if you are based in Toronto for more than a few days is a day trip to Ottawa (I think you can do this by train).

Don't forget to plan visits to the laundromat smile

pointtopoint Thu 01-Nov-12 15:58:51

Don't forget to plan visits to the laundromat grin

hahaha! Indeed!!

I have friends in SF so planning on asking them if I can clean everything there. I'm pretty good at travelling light though...

Washington has been added to our agenda. Means we only have from 9am till 2pm in Chicago, but I can live with that. Will give us a chance to see the White House and visit Simthsonian.

My dad has his 55th birthday in the swanky high rise place in Niagara smile He is 70 now... Lots of places I want to visit because I went there when I was younger smile

Sulfur Thu 01-Nov-12 15:59:19

For whales, you need to be near Boston (Cape Cod)

Sorry, not helping!

pointtopoint Thu 01-Nov-12 16:00:56

You are helping!! grin

These are things I need to know!!

(I mean there are whales in the aquarium though... not wild ones)

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