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Heated pools in Essaouira- daily entries?

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caramelgirl Mon 08-Oct-12 19:40:19

As the title says really.
Off to Morocco for Christmas. Hoping to find a heated pool that DD can use. I heard that you can pay hotels for access. But can't find any so far.
Any ideas? Thanks.

mikanqueen Fri 19-Oct-12 16:40:42

The following hotels in Essaouira have pools: Atlas, Hotel des Iles, Ibis, Ryad Mogador, Villa Quieta, Riad Zahra. All are outside the medina walls. All charge something like 80-120 dirhams entry per day, I am not sure if they heat them in winter.

I recently went to the pool at L'Aquarelle, which is a gorgeous country guest house just outside Essaouira (get there in a big shared taxi). The owners were talking about closing over the winter, but as it's inland it's much warmer and less windy than Essaouira itself. Try them: (pool was 70dh per person/day, eg £5).

More info and photos of L'Aquarelle on my website/Facebook page: (I am British and have just moved to Essaouira). Mail me via the site if you have other queries.

caramelgirl Sun 21-Oct-12 14:50:23

Ooh, thank you very much. Appreciate the information. May well revert back with more queries once have admired your FB page!

caramelgirl Sat 29-Dec-12 19:18:14

Okay, am here at the moment and spending a long fasting evening on internet (traveller's tummy anf pregnancy not great combo for peace of mind)z
Atlas (along beach from Medina) and Sofitel Mogador have heated pools. They are 200dh (~£16) 250dh respectively and seem to charge same for children.
Hotel des Iles has coldest pool ever: 50dh children, 75dh adults.
Ocean Vagabond: we were told free if you dine there. We dined but still paid 120dh adult, 60dh child.
Tbh failure to find a heated pool at reasonable price has been a bit of a drag but beach is amazing. Very friendly place and minimal hassle. Very relaxed place, doesn't feel like has changed too much in a decade!

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