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California road trip

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shesariver Sun 30-Sep-12 22:25:23

Hi, I posted a bit back about planning a California holiday and got some fantastic tips and idea, was originally planning it for 2014 but thanks to DH taking on some extra work think we could go next September instead, so very excited! Now I need some realistic times, plan on being there 2 weeks....

We plan to fly into SF, stay there for maybe 3 nights then hire a car and drive to San Diego. What we want to see/do is: drive the coast highway (obviously!), Monterey/Carmel, LA (as DH is a huge film fan), Disney Anaheim (just for a day though!) and San Diego. So a mix of tourist sightseeing and relaxation really.

So can I pick your brains about how many days/nights in each place? And where to base ourselves in LA, had thought about Santa you think this would be ok to relax at for a bit and also take in all the touristy film things about LA and Hollywood Studios?

Thanks smile

sweetestcup Tue 11-Jun-13 20:15:32

We are flying into SF and flying back from LAX, no extra charge thankfully for dropping the car off! Definitely not going to miss Alcatraz, already have the tickets booked, cant wait!

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