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Anyone else got a Disney Florida trip planned? Want to get excited together and share plans?

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PaintingTheFlowersRed Sun 30-Sep-12 19:03:03

We are off to DisneyWorld next year and I am already really excited about it. Anyone else? I'd love to compare notes on what you are doing to prepare. I'm starting to think about how to do a big surprise for the DC when we tell them we are going.

Groovee Fri 24-May-13 17:40:18

OOoh live feed, been seeing the photo's on FB from the WDW page

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Fri 24-May-13 17:44:36

Evening all, not been by in a while.

How many days now groovee, we have 67 i think.

The wetter the weather here the more i can't wait to get back to Florida!

Groovee Fri 24-May-13 18:54:39

35 yipeeeeeee

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 24-May-13 20:33:26

I just watched the parade on the live stream! It made me desperate to go back!

PickledMoomin Fri 24-May-13 20:44:53

81 days here. I need to make some spreadsheets to show which rides DD and DS can go on. grin

I'd second getting the Brits guide. Quite £ but there's lots of useful info there.

I need to organise parking at Gatwick or figure out whether it's cheaper to leave the car at London flat and get taxis

TheHumancatapult Sat 25-May-13 09:13:33

Pickled yes I done that for ds3 dd tall enough ride what she likes . As well as spread sheet for snack places and the quick service meals

Am jealous of you all in double digits

TheHumancatapult Mon 27-May-13 08:01:14

It's seeming more real now went and got some dollors was planning save do one go but it kept getting spent so now will change as and when

I'm aiming for around $1000 so $ 800 take plus have $200 gift card do you think that be enough Not going shopping have dining plan one ts and one qs.only trip of is to sea world already have tickets for it . Be cost taxi there and back decided that's easier with wheelchairs as meers have one w
It's tail lift

PickledMoomin Tue 28-May-13 19:50:23

DS is only just over 38inches. I think most rides are 40. Anyone know any good stretching exercises? wink
He loves rides and will be very sad. 2 inches in two and half months just won't happen. Stilts??

TheHumancatapult Tue 28-May-13 22:06:41

Ds is taller than 40 inches so good amount he can ride long as has adult plus if they measure him in his pedro boots they have s heel and inbuilt wedge so that help him grindd at over 48 can ride everything

Pickled sadly not if you find please share ds has grown 1/2cm in 2 years in sick of same clothes
But check at 38 lot can ride long as have adult

Groovee Wed 29-May-13 12:53:08

Hopefully it will be fine Human. We're taking about $3500 but we're in a villa and have parking to pay.

Had a lot of sitting about last time as ds was 1cm too small. This time he is 48 and a half inches so nothing is an issue in Disney.

30 days til we go :-)

TheHumancatapult Sat 01-Jun-13 08:07:37

<hands neighbours ear plugs >> screams am finally into double digits I may be a tad excited

Groovee Sat 01-Jun-13 08:56:24


I go THIS MONTH!!!! 27 days!!!

TheHumancatapult Sat 01-Jun-13 09:27:18

Omg groove I be swinging from light shades when gets to a month . How excited are the DC

I'm breaking it down into chunks ATM . Thinking first school summer fair ( which heavily involved in )30th June . Then ds3 birthday 19th July

Then gulp school holidays but will hope that thought of what's end helps with what be skint summer

ChestyNut Sat 01-Jun-13 10:39:29

Morning all.

Definitely have the disney bug after our first trip this year and planning to go again, need to figure out whether it will be 2015 or 2016.

Hopefully DM will have retired then so we can go at any time of year.

So what month are you going and why did you choose then, please?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 01-Jun-13 10:55:18

I've just realised that it is longer to our next trip there than the time between our trip before last and now! shock I've got over 500 days to wait. sad

We are going in October next year. Not been in October before, but DD starts school in September so we now need to go in school holidays. October half term seemed the best option. Added plus is that MNSSHP is on, and we really enjoyed that the time we went in September.

We've been in January (fab, extremely quiet and weather ok), June (pre-DD, would not want to go again in that heat and certainly not with children), September (best time IMO, lovely weather, parks quiet) and November (nice, a bit busier than September but nothing mad, nice weather and Christmas decs are up and MVMCP is on).

ChestyNut Sat 01-Jun-13 11:09:11

We were thinking late sept/oct?

My requirements are.....quiet parks, warm weather, not too humid or hot, no hurricanes and cheap grin

What is MNSSHP?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 01-Jun-13 11:13:08

MNSSHP = Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Special nights in September and October where they have a Halloween parade and fireworks, plus lots of other stuff going on. It is a great atmosphere. Mind you last time we spent most of the night in the Diamond Horseshoe while DD danced the night away with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye!

TheHumancatapult Sat 01-Jun-13 12:34:10

Were going in September missing the first holidsy werkend though

as should be bit quiter so better for ds3 warm but not to hot but we have tickets for mnsshp to

Am aware we're fortunate that dd and ds3 understand why we go away in term time . Won't he able of once dd hits secondary though

Groovee Sat 01-Jun-13 18:18:09

We're going in July again. Been in October and May but as we're restricted to the holidays due to me being term time only, its the best time to go. Personally I want to try February as it's quiet and cooler but warmer than here.

ChestyNut Sun 02-Jun-13 09:45:10

Is it warm enough to swim outside in February?

We did Easter holidays this year was very busy and we didn't manage to do some of the rides etc due to the huge queues. 90 minute wait time for some of them.

Excited to see the new stuff at universal grin

Groovee Sun 02-Jun-13 12:48:09

I'd be having pool heating switched on but my friend who often goes then has had photo's of them in the pool in the February.

Groovee Mon 03-Jun-13 08:00:08

25 days to go!!!! 19 days of school and work!

ChestyNut Mon 03-Jun-13 17:16:09


Groovee Wed 05-Jun-13 20:56:25

Bought some dollars today. got 1.50. Photopass has arrived too.

Groovee Fri 07-Jun-13 12:46:48

21 days and we should be airbourne.

Have changed all our dollars now. We have $3500 which is better than I had hoped for. Gives us about $250 a day. Managed to get a lot at 1.5330. Am delighted.

All starting to feel real now.

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