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I have just booked a holiday to Florida!!

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HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Mon 24-Sep-12 12:35:50

Not been for two years - will actually be three as we are not going until next July!

Flights booked, lovely villa found, am so excited!!

Me, dh, dd1 who will be 10 and dd2 who will be 7, they love it there!

That is all.

Just wanted to tell someone and no one here to share it with and i am so excited!! grin

mummymeister Mon 24-Sep-12 15:50:10

..and i am excited with you hokey. we are going for too next year and i am more hyped than the kids. you will have such a fab time. get the latest edition of the disney world with kids book and beyond disney as these proved to be invaluable to us.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Mon 24-Sep-12 16:07:20

grin excellent meister someone to share my joy!!

I have just been on the site Disney and registered for the new planning book.

Will be about my 8th time, dd1s 3rd and dd2s 2nd but we are still too excited!! (dh has been about 12 times and he's not so excitable as us!)

When are you off?

We're going at the end of July?

Are you staying at Disney?

MOSagain Wed 26-Sep-12 14:08:54

envy Really wanted to go next year but just can't afford the flights sad
I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 15:57:34

Flights are so expensive aren't they MOS

We are flying to Miami with BA and then up to Orlando with American Airlines. We've saved £800 by doing this compared with the same day direct on Virgin.

notso Wed 26-Sep-12 16:05:11

How much does it cost if no-one minds me asking, thinking of going next year. Two adults and four DC (12,8,2 and 1), nd a rough idea so I can prime DH into parting with his hard earned cash.
Feel free to ignore me if |I am being too nosy smile

susiedaisy Wed 26-Sep-12 16:07:06

Been three times in the past I love it,
feeling envy but grin for you!!

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 16:08:36

Not at all notso for me, dh,dd1 10 and dd2 7 it will cost

£3000.00 for flights
£1300.00 for villa
£800ish for cars
£1600ish for park tickets
£2000 or more for spending.

That's just under £9000.00 then have to add insurance, taxis to and from airport and petrol. So just short of £10000.00.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 16:09:46

susie we love it too, will be about my 8th time, dd1s third and dd2s second and we are never bored with it!!

mummytime Wed 26-Sep-12 16:20:25

Your price for park tickets is well over the top, I just went to the WDW site you can get 14 day Ultimate tickets for 2 adults 2 kids (under 9) for £890, I assume it is just for UK/IRL as normal. Of course it is more if you do Universal etc. too.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 16:54:36

mummy on Floridatix today

3 adults and 1 child (one dd is 10) Disney £1008.00
3 adults and 1 child Universal £744.00

Which is £1752.00.

I will shop around near the time but about that's what they cost!

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 17:26:16

Just found some --see what you've started!--for £1359 for the real steal tickets on Orlando Attraction Tickets.


MOSagain Wed 26-Sep-12 17:26:37

When we went in August we flew BA into Tampa instead of Orlando as we would normally do and it was £1,500 cheaper (for 6 of us)

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 17:26:44

strike out fail blush

mummytime Wed 26-Sep-12 17:44:18

Do look at the WDW site its tickets can be much cheaper than ticket agents, especially if you buy early and are British/Irish.

mummytime Wed 26-Sep-12 17:45:41

£917 for 3 adults 1 child

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Wed 26-Sep-12 17:50:32

Just had a look on there, we're going next July - £988 bit cheaper.

Will wait until new year before i buy.

notso Wed 26-Sep-12 21:51:40

Thanks for that.
I really want to go now.

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