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Any recommendations for luxury self catering near a lovely beach in the caribbean

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DollyDaisy Sat 22-Sep-12 23:06:25

Hi - am hoping to go to the Caribbean in early December with DH and a very active 18 month old. Dont fancy being cooped up in a hotel / resort for a week and also would love a separate dining area, so that once DS is asleep we dont have to sit in the dark all evening!

My dream wish list is: island with a direct fligth from the UK, accommodation walking distance to a lovely beach and a few local restaurants etc nearby. Budget not too much of a problem

Any ideas?


nancy75 Sat 22-Sep-12 23:10:40

My parents go to the cayman islands, I've never been but it looks lovely, and for them to go back it must be good because they are very fussy!
They stay in an apartment, I can find out the name tomorrow.

DollyDaisy Sat 22-Sep-12 23:27:54

Perfect - thanks nancy

nancy75 Sun 23-Sep-12 10:10:16

hi dolly, they stay in the carribean club apartments close to seven mile beach. My mum said if you decide to go for a hotel there the best one they have stayed in is the ritz Carlton.

MuddyWellyNelly Sun 23-Sep-12 23:32:00

Cayman is great, Seven Mile Beach the nicest beach I've found so far. I lived there for 2 years so am quite familiar. East End is nice too, the Reef is nicer than Morritts and they have one bed self catering. Much quieter though in terms of restaurants.

mummymeister Mon 24-Sep-12 15:51:22

Domenica if you want to do something a bit different and be a bit more off the beaten track

middleagedspread Mon 24-Sep-12 16:53:53

Bequia is lovely. No direct flight, but easy connections at Barbados.

Treblesallround Mon 24-Sep-12 16:56:39

We had a lovely holiday in Tobago. We stayed at Choulson Chalets in Charlotteville. It's fairly quiet, but utterly lovely

Kingcyrolophosarus Mon 24-Sep-12 21:58:29

I'd choose the islands with a direct flight, Barbados and St lucia.
There was a fab place in Barbados, will try and remember the name of the place

RugBugs Mon 24-Sep-12 22:16:03

I wouldn't take a young child to St Lucia, went to East Winds Inn on honeymoon and the beaches aren't as open/flat as other Islands. It's also nowhere near as geared to holidaymakers as Barbados is, I felt really on edge and uncomfortable walking round Castries.

I think The Crane in Barbados is self-catered (believe you can also hire a chef!!) The beach there is beautiful.

Fluffy1234 Tue 25-Sep-12 12:34:02

I disagree about St. lucia. I stayed near Reduit Beach with my DC and really enjoyed walking around the small town and eating at different restaurants each evening. It didn't feel unsafe and the beach is beautiful.

PestoSandalissimos Tue 25-Sep-12 12:38:43

The problem with the Reduit beach area of St Lucia is that it's a flipping hour & a half transfer on really winding roads which made DD2 so travel sick it took a full day for her to recover. I couldn't bear the thought of the journey back to the airport on the way home, so booked helicopter transfers from Castries back to Veuille-Fort airport.

onyx72 Tue 25-Sep-12 12:38:54

Ditto Bequia. Tis gorgeous.

Bequia Beach Hotel has self catering suites.

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