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Suitable attire for Oman

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MuddyWellyNelly Thu 13-Sep-12 23:21:07

We are going on Honeymoon at the end of the year and spending our first 3 nights in Oman. I've read as much as I can but still not really sure what I should be wearing outside the hotel. Some things say cover up to ankles, other says to knees and shoulders. I own a couple of pairs of capri trousers (so 3/4 length) so are they ok for day time? Most things I've read say "skirts should go to the knee" but then I'm not sure if that means I can't wear trousers! And a couple of things I read said I should cover up completely during the day confused

I also read if going to the Mosque I need to be totally covered. I have no idea how I'd cover my ankles. The only floor length things I own are trousers (jeans mostly but I do have a pair of very long linen trousers) so again does it have to be a skirt? I know I'd have to cover my hair in the mosque but presumably a scarf will do, and I don't have to do this outside the mosque?

And footwear - I'm planning on packing not much more than flip flops - with a jewelled pair for evening! Will that be ok?

Trying to make do with the wardrobe I have as we're there for such a short time. The rest of the time I will be on a beach in the Seychelles!

Oh actually we do have 24 hours in dubai on the way home but not sure I'll be venturing too much outside our hotel at that point!

Any advice greatly appreciated. Don't want to offend, but would rather not buy and carry stuff I'm not going to wear for the rest of the trip either!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 14-Sep-12 09:58:26

This is from the Foreign Office:-

Would check this again nearer the time of travel.

kelly14 Fri 14-Sep-12 12:56:31

my parents have lived in Dubai for 8 years and so i go alot and have been to Oman many times.

I can honestly say i wear the exact same things there as i would on any other holiday!
As long as you are not walking round with a bikini top on and looking really tarty or showy then anything goes.

3 quarter lengh trousers are fine (i wear my short jean shorts too though)
i wear strappy tops but most tourists just wear t shirts with short sleeves.
I wear the same things in dubai to go clubbing as i would do in uk or anywhere else (as does everyone else)
Take a shawl out in evenings if you are worried and also most places have AC on full whack so can get chilly.

i think people tend to overly worry about this dress code thing, as long as you are nicely dressed and not showing your belly and ass then you are fine

Never been in a mosque so wouldnt know but am sure woman and men cant go in together or only at certain times?! may be wrong on this though.

Have a great honeymoon

MuddyWellyNelly Fri 14-Sep-12 13:19:58

Thank you both. I'd read the FCO site but wanted to translate it into real terms wink. I don't want to be unnecessarily hassled hence my concern, but sounds like I'll be ok with the majority of my current summer wardrobe.

I'm really looking forward to both destinations. Just the small matter of a wedding to get started planned first grin

MOSagain Fri 14-Sep-12 13:26:26

I lived in the ME for 6 years and where I lived I had to cover up entirely (ie abaya and headscarf at all times when outside the compound)
I've been to Oman and you will be fine in 3/4 length trousers/longish skirts. I would cover shoulders as sometimes depending where you are people will look at you and would definitely take a scarf to cover your hair if you do go to a mosque.

Have a lovely time.

sashh Sat 15-Sep-12 09:32:39

If you are visiting a mosque just get a cheap shalwar kameeze - you can get them for under £10 and you will have everything appropriate covered up.

MuddyWellyNelly Sat 15-Sep-12 10:03:04

Thanks that's really useful info everyone. I'm really looking forward to it smile

MABS Mon 17-Sep-12 07:56:38

love Oman,where are you staying?

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 17-Sep-12 10:47:21

Muscat. The Grand Hyatt. Happy to have any advice on how to spend our time smile

MABS Mon 17-Sep-12 16:54:11

lovely hotel, you will enjoy it there. museum is Muscat is small but defo worth a visit i think.

nocluemum Sat 29-Sep-12 09:24:51

I lived there for three years a few years ago and it is a great country. The Hyatt is lovely - the lobby is stunning. If you walk along the beach (right out of the hotel) then you will reach a lovely little cafe on the beach selling great juices and sheesha. A bit further along you will get to the Intercontinental hotel and there is a little shopping mall with a great expat type cafe called Darcys which do brill tuna melts among other things. And you are now on Shatti beach which is a lovely long stretch of sand. If you want stuff that you need to drive/get a taxi too (agree the price before you get in) then the souk is good in Mutrah. Clothes wise I always wore three quarter length trousers or below the knee skirts. Top wise I always covered my shoulders ie normal t shirt type top and never strappy tops - you might get some odd looks from the locals if you do. When you go to the mosque you need to wear long trousers - jeans is fine and a very modest top - long sleeves not clingy or see through or with plunging neck line. You will need a pashmina or similar to cover your hair, if your pashmina is massive you can sort of drape it round yourself as well. I have seen people turned away for the wrong clothes. You used to be able to get a guided tour round the mosque which is really interesting as you learn lots of interesting facts like the carpet is the largest in the world! You will have a great time in Oman - happy to answer anymore questions.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 02-Oct-12 21:15:01

Wait until you are in the souk in muscat to buy your pashmina I have two exquisite ones I purchased there for virtually nothing. I have to say 7pm in the old part of the souk in muscat with call to prayer sounding and frankincense burning is a very special experience.

detoxdiva Tue 02-Oct-12 21:18:38

envy love the Hyatt

Have dinner one night on the beach at The Chedi too. Gorgeous.

Enjoy smile

EasterHoliday Mon 18-Mar-13 14:45:30

Hello nocluemum wonder if I could pick your brains on trips from Muscat with a 3 yr old? We want to see some of Oman (a fort / a wadi / some desert) but in a bite sized format if that's possible, rather than hours on end in a 4x4 with a grumpy child - if you are still about and can suggest a guide or tour company, that would be amazing.

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