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Pregnant & RTW trip - travel insurance Tips, other advice please - US, Oz, SA

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SirCharles Sun 23-Oct-11 23:43:50

Hi, my DH is contracting overseas so we thought I would join him in the new year for a few months. Work have agreed a 3 month unpaid leave of absence - hoorah! Perfect excuse to avoid the British winter & enjoy some time together. We are taking the opportunity to visit a few other places on the way there & back, especially as a RTW ticket is similarly priced to a straight return!. Tbh we thought we would try to get pregnant during this trip as him being away so much this year meant it had not happened. However......

... Yes you guessed it I had a BFP last month! great news but does scupper vineyard visits I secretly yearned to do. Will have to do those another Trip....

In the meantime I realise our plans see me out of the Uk from 19 weeks until 32 weeks. We will be in South Africa for the large chunk of our time & it is quite possible we might extend our trip depending on DH contract.

Can anyone recommend travel insurance that covers pregnancy? Or is there a health insurance I can take out which will cover it, incl routine visits to a foreign MW/other care provider?

Any tips on finding routine pregnancy care in SA?

If anyone else has done something similar I would love to hear your tips!


ilianora Mon 24-Oct-11 17:11:45

I took travel insurance with the post office. the lady in the post office advised me to call their number after i had bought the policy to inform them i was pregnant but when i did they said that pregnancy was completely covered throughout my pregnancy.
congratualtions! x

SirCharles Mon 24-Oct-11 22:01:11

Thank you ilianora. I will look into that!

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