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Anyone been to Mexico or Caribbean for a week?

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nappyaddict Sun 09-Oct-11 13:40:28

Was a week long enough?

Is a long flight worth it if you only go for a week?

Did you have jetlag when you arrived and how long did it take to get over it if so?

If you were to go again would you still go for a week or longer?

SazZaVoom Sun 09-Oct-11 13:43:32

I have done the caribbean for 4 days before. It was only a 7.5hr flight, so not too bad. A lot of flights arrive early mid afternoon, so you get a good start iyswim with an afternoon by the pool bar.

OTOH a week is never long enough in the Caribbean grin

SazZaVoom Sun 09-Oct-11 13:46:40

Sorry, re jetlag - i find going that way is fine, it is the return which is more difficult.

i think i would look for 10+ days if i am honest

Chewbecca Mon 10-Oct-11 22:13:18

Barbados is the closest at 8 hrs (max) so prob the best choice for only a week and def worth it IMO, you'll want To go to bed early for the first few days but a good lie in or 2 soon sorts you out.

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 10-Oct-11 22:15:10

Used to regularly go to Barbados for a week in October half term.

Flight out generally gets you there around 3.30-4.00pm, flight back is overnight.

Time difference is 5 hours, which tends to mean some early wakings and getting tired early in the evening, but it only takes a couple of days to be sorted - and because you're on holiday it doesn't really matter!

I would love to go for more than a week!

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