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Caribbean (Barbados) with a 6mth baby

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Maia290 Thu 06-Oct-11 00:48:32

We are considering going on holidays to the Caribbean probably Barbados with our baby who will be around 6mth old.
Has anybody been there with a baby? Has it been a good experience or are we being too optimistic?
It would be great to hear some experiences, tips and where to stay.

Kick2down Thu 06-Oct-11 01:04:50

I've never been to Barbados, but I have been to plenty of tropical beaches with our babies.

1) Stay somewhere self-catering if possible, or with reliable and good room service, or something similar. Having to eat every meal at a restaurant with a young baby is a drag after a while.

2) Make sure there's a bathtub, and if there isn't, when you get there purchase a big plastic washing tub at the local market to bath your baby. Babies get sand ground in EVERYWHERE! It's good fun while they're getting sandy, but very hard to remove from a 6-month-old in the shower.

3) Make sure you feed your baby the local bananas - they taste soooo much better than they do once shipped to the UK. Six months old is prime banana-eating time!

Have fun.

fraktious Thu 06-Oct-11 07:00:58

Again not Caribbean but tropical.

Get a UV all in one swimsuit and hat with strings that tie under the chin.
Buy big muslins - Aden & Anaïs do lovely ones that act as sunscreens over the pram, light blanket, mat, anything really.
Take a cheap fabric playmate with you and plenty of washable toys!

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