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Hong Kong, Phuket and Bangkok

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Rinnyx Tue 27-Sep-11 16:05:03

Have done the trip to HK afew times already tho DD was 4 when we first went so still easy to deal with and she is used to the long flights, this time tho we will be taking DS who will be just over a year old when we go end of December

So any tips for dealing with a LO on a 13 hour flight, I know I cant get away with him just sitting on my lap watching films or the kids channel.
Also any tips on short flights as we will be popping over to phuket for 8 days so about 4 hours but during them 8 days we are popping up to Bangkok for the weekend so another 2 hour flight

So yep any advice, hints, tips ect for long and short haul flight with DS would be fab smile

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