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Backpacking with a 2 year old

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AndrewF Tue 20-Sep-11 10:54:06

Hi Mums (& dads)

Myself, my wife and our 20 month old are about to take a 4 month trip to Thailand and I'm trying to work out some details

Any suggestions as to what to do about a car seat? It would be impossible to travel around the country with hers, but I don't think we can ignore safety measures for our child just because we are in another country?

Has anyone been faced with this problem?

many thanks in advance

kayah Tue 20-Sep-11 10:58:17

I didn't have to take my children that far with a car seat, but maybe there's way to combine buggy and a booster seat?

all depends on the weight/height of your lil one

I know that air lines will take both as luggage and not part of your limited one by weight

have look here;jsessionid=116A5E718DA0A7781784C408CD2885AA.app01?forumID=37&keywordid=-1

AndrewF Tue 20-Sep-11 12:44:31

thanks kayah

I also came across this..

Runoutofideas Mon 26-Sep-11 13:26:42

Hi Andrew,
We took our 20 month old to Thailand on honeymoon 5 years ago. On the flight they'll give you a baby belt and expect her to sit on your knee, unless you've booked her a seat of her own. To be honest I think it would be really difficult to apply the same standards to Thai transport unless you want to carry your own seat about with you.

In the taxi we used to sit her on a cushion and strap her in with the adult belt. Not ideal, but better than nothing, is what I thought... In Bangkok we used the Skytrain so just hang onto her. In Krabi the tuk tuks would have no way of strapping her in, in any form of car seat. Again we just held on tight! It sounds really negligent but I didn't really see another option. It all becomes relative when you see 5 children on one moped anyway!

If you are planning on travelling a lot by car, maybe you can hire a car seat along with the hire car? Not sure. Good luck though and hope you have an amazing trip.

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