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Hong Kong with two toddlers?

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pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 07:02:16

I have a chance to go with DH to Hong Kong i a couple of weeks. We are going to take our DSs who are 2.5 and just 1 (yes i know i know the 12 hour flight)

So I am asking, any tips anyone? I am aware that HK does not immediately present as a child friendly destination but I would love to go. Fortunately it is a night flight on the way out but a day one coming back (worried already about that bit)

I wonder is there actually anything in and around HK I could take the boys to, what the buggery am I going to go about a bugy as I only have a Phil and Ted's for them both?

Now I am putting myself off!

Any help would be most appreciated x

Shanghaidiva Sun 18-Sep-11 07:18:50

HonKong Disneyland is quite small and ideal for the under 10s. There are some great museums too including an interactive science one. It is free admission on Wednesdays so the kids can just play with the exhibits they are interested in. Take the cable car out to Lantau island. I took my dd when she was 2.5 and she loved it.
Take the tram to the peak.
Go from Kowloon to Hong Kong on the star ferry.

SeoraeMaeul Sun 18-Sep-11 07:28:18

Having just landed in HK with my two - slightly older at 5 and 2.5 - I'd say take into account
1) jet lag - my older one has always been a great sleeper on planes, my youngest never does despite the time day or night! So have plan B's for the first few days
2) if you can do a sling and a smaller push chair I would. Taxis are not huge, and if you fancy a wander then some of the pavements are not huge - although the malls obviously are grin
3) weather - at the moment it's hot and humid. When we arrived My two flagged badly when we did big days out anywhere, they are getting use to it now about 4 weeks in

Having said all that I'd say go for it - it's a great city. Two places I recommend - ocean park has a good area for little ones (bring spare clothes as very water orientated but great to cool down!) and Stanley is good for somewhere out of the city with a promenade, a nice temple with butterfly garden and museum.

Hope you enjoy the trip!

pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 07:30:36

Thank you so much - I know it is a bit barmy but we would love to go. DH has a few meetings but I (although really nervous about it for some reason) would like to go and take the boys out and about.

I had no idea there was a disneyland - I am going to buy a Lonely Plant or something today but Knowing so little about HK it just seems one of the last places one would go with small children. We only have 5 days there but I would like to make the most of it.

pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 07:35:54

Honestly I would say I am not planning big days out as such but some time filling stuff (I am pregnant too so knackered anyway). We are staying in the Wanchai district which I assume is a business district and on one day Dh is busy for most of it so wanted something small and manageable for me and the boys to do to fill the time. The good thing is they are so little that it doesn't take mush to make them very happy.

Point taken about the push chair - I was concerned about that but I cannot do a sling (gammy back!) so not sure what to do about that......

SeoraeMaeul Sun 18-Sep-11 07:41:44

Don't worry I was meaning 'big day' by toddler standards as opposed to hiking the peak grin
For the day you're on your own I'd either do a morning at ocean park or Disney when it's not too hot then collapse at the hotel for the afternoon! Or if you want very low key go to WiseKids in causeway or pok Fu lam and use their playroom, it was too young for my oldest but would work for yours.
For both Taxi there and back so your 2.5 could probably walk and just get a light weight buggy for the trip.
Hope that helps!

pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 07:47:23

Amusing SeoraeMaeul that you imagine that my 2.5 ds would walk along nicely........... (shudder). I will not leave home without the reigns!

I do have single cheapy buggies for the car (you know standard Mothercare ones) and wonder if a buggy board might be the thing?

I guess I am fortunate that they are so young and it takes very little to amuse. Thank you so much for the tips I do appreciate, no amount of travel guide can give you this sort of information and it is appreciated.

Shanghaidiva Sun 18-Sep-11 07:50:44

If you are staying in Wanchai the star ferry leaves from there and takes you across to Kowloon so easy to manage on your own.

pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 07:53:26

OOh thanks Shanghaidiva - I am crapping myself looking forward to it. I should have planned ahead but I was just in denial that DH was going and only decided to go yesterday!

<stupid cow emoticon>

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