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Japan with 11 month old - baby food advice

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finland Tue 13-Sep-11 22:07:57

Going next month with 11 month old. We will be staying for 3 weeks in Kumamoto and Tokyo. Does anyone know if baby food for 11 month old is widely available as I will have limited access to cooking facilities. Don't really want to take 3 weeks worth of jars with me if good baby food available. My baby is a good eater and so far not a fussy eater. Planning to buy fresh fruit etc to supplement. Any advice appreciated.

moondog Tue 13-Sep-11 22:08:50

You don't need baby food. Just give the baby what you eat.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 14-Sep-11 09:04:32

Have you been to Japan before?.

I would suggest looking in supermarkets like Kinokuniya and Preece; there are branches of these in Tokyo.

Price of food there and eating out generally is not cheap; I almost fainted at the price of fruit like peaches and watermelon (some of the larger whole melons were priced at over £100 sterling. Even individual portions were expensive. Larger peaches were £8 each!).

Foodhalls are located in the basement of department stores and are spotlessly clean throughout. There are also restaurants located in these places too. Vast majority of signage and menus however, is written in Japanese although in some restaurants they will give foreigners picture menus.

Many Japanese people you encounter on the street either speak vestigal English (please, yes, no sorry etc) or no english at all.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Japan; its a country I would very much like to revisit.

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