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Booking Long Haul flight legs

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hsmom Sun 28-Aug-11 08:36:33

Hi - can anyone help me? I am going with the family and some friends to Thailand this december and I am the person booking all the flights etc.
I have found that I can save heaps of cash by booking the long haul legs (with Emirates to BKK) separate from the short haul (the onward journey to Koh Samui).
We are not all travelling on the same days and I am concerned that if I book separately, that we wont all be able to book our luggage right through.

I seem to remember when I did this before it wasnt a problem and they booked the bags right thru to Samui from Heathrow, and gave us boarding passes for the Samui leg but we had to get seat allocations when we arrived at BKK airport.
This time, I am going ahead with girlfirends for a detox/fast (yayyyy) and then my OH is coming with 8 yr old and 6 mnth baby a week later - I am scared that they wont do it for him and he will have to go thru immigration, collect and recheck bags in BKK and if so may not have enough time for the connection.....

The difference is about £400 for the 3 of them, so its a good few nights and dinners while we are there.....

Any thoughts?

hsmom xx

gregssausageroll Sun 28-Aug-11 16:47:12

Unless the flights from BKK to where ever you are code share with Emirates, I think they will need to collect bags and go through immigration. If the airlines do codeshare they should be able to do it although will probably say they can't guarantee it.

Who is the internal flight with?

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