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badmove Fri 26-Aug-11 14:08:56

dh has just suggested a Feb trip (without kids) to NYC... no nothing about it so anything welcome...flying from NE England..any idea about booking flights, cheapest but good airline, etc etc?

googietheegg Mon 12-Sep-11 03:05:55

We've just been with virgin and I'd totally recommend them - great service, lovely food and really new films (I saw bridesmaids).

joydivisionovengloves Tue 13-Sep-11 19:59:01

Been with Virgin, BA and United, all were fine. Look on Expedia for decent flight/hotel packages. Hotels are not cheap.

NYC can be REALLY cold in Feb so take plenty of layers!

slhilly Tue 13-Sep-11 20:13:45

NYC is great! You'll have a blast. you know it from a dozen films, even if you don't, iyswim. The time out guidebook is good. If you're into food, as i am, you have fab options at every price bracket. I'd go to katz's deli, babbo, per se (if you're ok to splash big bucks), get a bagel w cream cheese and lox and a coffee from a street vendor, eat sushi, etc. Egullet boards have helpful recs.

Central park is a necessity, as is the empire state building, in my view. Walking around is fun, esp as manhattan is so logically arranged.

There are great bars (see time out). Shopping is superb.

Flying into Newark and taking the train to Penn can work v well + avoids jfk.

Hotels are pricey, rooms small, can be a lot of street noise.

mumblechum1 Tue 13-Sep-11 20:18:20

I love NY!

Have flown BA and Virgin, both fine, the flight isn't that long (6 or 7 hours).

Take yellow cabs, the subway is grotty and confusing unless you're used to it.

Wander down Fifth Avenue past the Plaza hotel, wander around Tiffany, go for cocktails in the Waldorf Astoria, have Sunday brunch in a cheap but fantastic Vietnamese or Thai place, just take in the atmosphere.

I've never bothered with the obvious tourist things like Empire State or Statue of Liberty tours, much more interesting to poke around funny little shops in Soho/Tribeca.

Have a fabulous time.

Re. the street noise - get a room in a very high building, and you won't hear it.

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