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Las Vegas!

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ednurse Mon 22-Aug-11 12:04:38

I'm off to Las Vegas on Saturday. There are 6 of us aged 17-64. It is everyones first time. We are staying at Paris, have tickets for The Rat Pack is Back, The Lion King, 24hour bus tour and a helicopter to the Grand Canyon.

Is there any must see's or do's that you could think of? I can't bloody wait grin

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 22-Aug-11 17:34:42

Las Vegas at this time of year is very, very hot; its a dry heat. Its around 110 there at present. It could feel quite exhausting to walk in; keep a close eye on each other.

Would make use of the monorail that runs between the MGM Grand and the Hilton on that side of the Strip. There is also a public bus that runs up and down the Strip.

If you gamble do not gamble any more than you can realistically afford to lose. No clocks anywhere within the casinos, keep an eye on the time yourself.

Keep as cool as possible, wear a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses if you are out for any real length of time and drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids.

Ka at the MGM Grand is a very good Cirque du Soleil production.

A visit to the Fashion Show Mall on the strip is a must.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 22-Aug-11 17:38:36

The 17 year old will not be permitted to either drink alcohol nor gamble or linger around any of the machines or gaming tables in the casinos (although young people can walk through the casinos).

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 22-Aug-11 17:41:18

This may also assist your 17 year old:-

going Mon 22-Aug-11 17:44:59

I think it may be a bit dull for the 17 year old and anyone under 21 as they can't gamble but would probably like too!

I went last year and loved it! Bellagio fountains are really good, didn't plan to see them but walked past as they were doing a display and it was great.

joydivisionovengloves Tue 23-Aug-11 08:42:26

Got to the Duelling Pianos show at the Times Square bar in New York New York. It's brilliant!

ElectricSoftParade Tue 23-Aug-11 08:47:07

No tips but am extremely jealous. Went about 10 years ago and had an amazing time.

The heat is astonishing, can be a bit over-whelming. As Attila said hats, sunscreen and water and you will all have a gab time.


ElectricSoftParade Tue 23-Aug-11 08:47:32

erm a fab time.

Hulababy Tue 23-Aug-11 08:52:34

Have a fab time! I want to go back. We went last May for my sister's wedding and it was great.

It;s hot and it's dry. Drink lots of water. There are people selling them on the streets and bridges between the hotels for a $1 a time.

DH did the helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. I didn't as I hate the idea of a helicopter (was mean and made DD stay on firm ground with me too!) but DH said it was really good.

Don't forget your camera.

The outdoor small bar area at the Wynn overlooking the little pond is lovely.

We don't gamble - had one tiny go for about 5 minutes. Didn't prevent us having a fab time in Vegas for a week, nor did the fact that we had an 8y in tow. Infact the 8y loved it as much as we did. So much to see just walking around and in and out of the hotels.

We got a limo to the old town bit too.

17y in some hotels will be restricted to walking on only certain coloured parts of the carpet and will not be allowed in bar areas at all. They are very strict. In some of the older hotels they can walk anywhere but mustn't go ont he machines or bars. There are some games machines for under 21s in some areas but would imagine they are too young for th 17y tbh.

The Las Vegas sign is at the airport end of the strip, past the Mandalay bay hotel. You can grab a cab there and back. There is a pull in area where they will wait for you.

Hulababy Tue 23-Aug-11 08:53:22

BTW although hot I found it more bearable than say the Florida heat, perhaps as it is a dry heat, so you don't have the humidity to deal with.

ednurse Tue 23-Aug-11 11:05:53

Thanks for the suggestions! It's made me even more excited. grin

Pootles2010 Tue 23-Aug-11 11:07:42

I think Cirque du Soleil is definite must see! I never normally pay that much for a ticket to anything, but would happily pay it twice over. We saw 'Love', the Beatles one. Twas amazing!

We are just back and yes it was hot, but not unbearable as it is a dry heat. You have to go to Fremont St Experience and do the overhead zipwire down the mall.

Also if you fancy doing some shopping go to the retail outlet place, one on the north end of the strip, one at the south end. I got some fabulous bargains. Public transport is great.

Have fun. smile

ednurse Wed 24-Aug-11 20:59:37

Which outlet is better do you think? Is it easy to get to by bus/cab?

MadamDeathstare Thu 25-Aug-11 03:09:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBucket Thu 25-Aug-11 03:17:30

One think I think everyone is overlooking is the eating. You'll have a bunch of the best chefs in America representing there. You might want to figure out what you want to eat, and plan accordingly.

bellaisinHawaii Thu 25-Aug-11 04:00:42

We loved loved loved Las Vegas.

As the day goes on the heat intensifies - so watch out. 5/6pm is the hottest time of day. Drink plenty. The strip is miles and miles long, be prepared!

Hula, we often used the $1 bottle of water people on the bridges! Life savers! grin.

Just be careful on the flight when it goes down to land, the heat rises and makes it a bumpy landing, lots of people vomiting on our flight, I felt very green and DS2 sick.

Enjoy OP.

mrsshears Thu 25-Aug-11 10:04:50

Hi ednurse

I have just returned from my 5th visit to las vegas,the paris is a great hotel you will have a blast there.
mon ami gabi is a great place to eat,the french onion soup is out of this world.We ate every morning at the breakfast buffet at the mirage, their buffet has a huge selection and i would really recommend it.
The shopping in vegas is amazing, the premium outlets north is the best one by a mile,i have had an email from them this morning and there are sales on all next week,if any of the youngsters in your party like juicy couture it is about a third of the price in the store in the premium outlets,i got a daydreamer bag for my 14yr dd very similair to this but in navy for £50!!

If you go onto the las vegas premium outlets north website and sign up for the vip club you can collect a coupon book when you get there full of great savings.

ednurse Thu 25-Aug-11 10:45:52

Thanks girls!!!

ElectricSoftParade Thu 25-Aug-11 12:30:24

MmeBucket you are right, how could I forget the food?? We went to one I remember particularly as it was, what seemed like, the biggest buffet in the world. With lobster and all sorts really. Was fantastic!

louby86 Thu 25-Aug-11 12:44:48

Vegas is one of my absolute favourite places in the world! Been twice since last august and it gets better every time!

If you go on the cirque du soleil website they have an offer on over the summer for 2 tickets for $100, saves a fortune! We've seen mystere, believe and the Beatles love. The Beatles one was the best by far!

Grand canyon was amazing! Buffet at the bellagio is also amazing and great value for money! Sugar factory in Paris is also great to eat, does great gifts too!

Don't forget Fremont st downtown to see old fashioned tacky Las Vegas! And head up to the top of the stratosphere for amazing views at night! We bought a 3 day power pass this time as it includes entry to most attractions and saved us quite a bit of money! You can buy them on line and pick them up from the planet Hollywood restaurant in the forum shops at Caesar's.

Also, like everyone else has said, take suncream and water everywhere! We went last august and it was hard work walking in the heat but cabs are pretty cheap. Don't take the deuce bus down the strip after dark at the weekends though, you'll find it much faster to walk.

Have an amazing time!

Hulababy Thu 25-Aug-11 16:29:27

We went to the jousting at Excalibur. 9y DD loved it!

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