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long haul relaxing break with a 6month old - realistic?

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benne81 Thu 11-Aug-11 11:54:25

As you can probably tell I'm a first timer pregnant and completely and utterly naive about children/ child care and holidays with children. My husband and myself love holidays and usually go on about 2 a year and I'm loath to give them up. I'm due in September and already have a holiday planned in Greece for September 2012 but I was wndering if it is realistic to be able to take a baby on a long haul holiday at 6 months. I am tempted just for the fact that you only have to pay the tax on long haul flights.

I am ready to be shot down for even suggesting it and will probably realise the stupidity of the questions once baby come along but I would be interested to know if others have attempted and what there experience was/ where they went? would you do it again?

Lizcat Thu 11-Aug-11 13:17:57

I didn't do it and really really regret it now. At 6 months they are very portable, sleep quite a bit food pretty easy do cold sterilsation if you are FF, even easier if you are BF. I just didn't work it out until too late. Plus many long haul places have staff who will faun over your little one.
I have friend now who she and her partner are aircrew and their DD travelled more in the first 12months of her life than she has since as it was so easy.

IslandIsla Tue 16-Aug-11 14:33:34

I don't think you are stupid. I have friends who took a 4 month old to Mauritius and loved it. We are just back from a three week trip where we travelled alot in the US with a 2 yr old. If its the kind of thing you like to do, you'll still enjoy it, although it will be a little different to holidaying as a couple!

For example, you'll probably spend alot more time at your base (think drinking wine on your balcony while baby sleeps) so make sure you stay somewhere comfortable, where you have space apart from where the baby will sleep. Probably (hopefully!) the baby will want to sleep more than you!

Definitely try and breastfeed, it makes things SO much easier. We went to France in the summer when DD was younger, I BF on beaches, in cafes, everywhere. Also makes you feel a lot safer about possible delays etc knowing baby's milk will not run out!

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